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*****  Administrative Law Division Move Effective October 1st, 2014  *****
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Alabama Department of Revenue - Property Tax - Property Tax Exemptions

Property Tax Exemptions

Code Section Description
40-9-1 Ad Valorem Taxes, Generally
40-9-1.1 Susie Parker Stringfellow Memorial Hospital
40-9-2 Personal Property; Homestead Exemptions
40-9-3 Peanuts and Pecans
40-9-4 Textiles
40-9-5 Lime Nitrogen and Aluminum Products
40-9-6 Stored Property
40-9-7 Warehoused Property
40-9-8 Corporate Capital Stock
40-9-9 YMCA Property
40-9-10 YWCA Property
40-9-11 YWCO Property
40-9-12 Certain Nonprofit Organizations
40-9-13 Charitable Organizations, Fire Departments
40-9-14 Public Lands
40-9-15 Fairgrounds, Fair Associations
40-9-16 Social or Literary Organizations
40-9-17 College Housing-College Campus Construction
40-9-18 Non-Profit Membership Corporations
40-9-19 Homesteads; Generally
40-9-19.1 Homesteads, Constitutional Provisions
40-9-20 Veterans; Home
40-9-21 County Over 65 and Disability Exemption
40-9-21.1 Homesteads; Affidavit of Verification
40-9-22 Nuclear Fuel Assemblies
40-9-23 Mental Health Corporations
40-9-24 Property Tax Relief Fund
40-9-25 George Lindsey Celebrity Benefit-Special Olympics
40-9-25.1 Magic Moments, Inc.
40-9-25.2 Habitat for Humanity Organizations; West Alabama Youth Services, Inc.
40-9-25.3 Rainbow Omega, Inc.
40-9-25.4 Farley L. Berman Foundation, Inc.
40-9-25.5 American Bowling Congress
40-9-25.6 Christian Children Homes, Inc.
40-9-25.7 Franklin Memorial Clinic, Inc.
40-9-25.8 Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Inc.
40-9-25.9 The Bridge, Incorporated
40-9-25.10 Anniston Fellowship House, Inc., Wings of Life, Inc., Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center, Inc., ext.
40-9-25.11 Little Sisters of the Poor
40-9-26 Charitable Housing Organizations
40-9-27 Prescribed Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements
40-9-28 Selma-Dallas Historic Preservation Society-Valegrande Community Center
40-9-29 Medical Organizations
40-9-30 Medical Supplies
40-9-31 Schools or School Sponsored Organizations