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Property Tax Forms

Property Tax Division Forms

Form Number Description
Budget Appraisal and Mapping Budget
Budget Appraisal Appraisal and Mapping Forms and Explanations
Budget Personnel Budget Personnel
Budget Courses Budget Personnel Courses
Budget Revision Budget Revision Request Form
BOE Instructions Board of Equalization Instructions Form
BOE Manual Board of Equalization Manual
BOE Minutes Board of Equalization Minutes Form
ADV-BE-8 Board of Equalization Compensation Form
ADV-BE-8-Baldwin Board of Equalization Compensation Form for Baldwin County
ADV-BE-11 Board of Equalization Expense Report Form
ADV-BE-13 Board of Equalization Letter to Taxpayer, Giving Date and Time of Hearing
ADV-BE-14 Board of Equalization Market Value Form
ADV-BE-14MV Board of Equalization Motor Vehicle Market Value Form
ADV-BE-47 Board of Equalization Property Earning Capacity Statement Form
ADV-WP Board of Equalization Work Report Form
ADV-40 Business Personal Property Return Form
ADV-40S Business Personal Property Return, Short Form
ADV-LD-3 Affidavit of Loss of Original Tax Sale Certificate/Tax Deed
ADV-LD-8 Application for Redemption of Lands Sold for Taxes
ADV-LD-9 Request for Cancellation, *For County Use Only*
ADV-LD-10 Certificate of Redemption, *For County Use Only*
ADV-LD-13 Certificate of Land Sold and Bought By The State, *For County Use Only*
ADV-LD-33 Tax Deed Issued By County, *For County Use Only*
ADV-LD-PFR Petition for Refund of Taxes Paid by Mistake or Error, *For County Use Only*
ADV-LD-PR Certificate of Pending Redemption, *For County Use Only*
ADV-MH-43 Monthly Manufactured Home Summary Report, *For County Use Only*
ADV-MV-PFR Petition for Refund of Taxes on Motor Vehicles Paid by Mistake or Error
ADV-MVA1 Motor Vehicle Dealer Affidavit
ADV-PR1 Petition for Review of Preliminary Assessment
ADV-U-1 Statement of Leased or Rented Equipment not Capitalized on Public Utility Books
ADV-U3-1 Please Use My Alabama Taxes for Freight Line and Equipment Companies Annual Report
ADV-U5-10 Alabama Public Utility Gross Investment Allocation Form
ADV-U5-14 Commercial Airline Return of Property Annual Report
ADV-U5-15 Water Company Annual Report
ADV-U5-16 Railroad Annual Property Tax Data Report
ADV-U5-18 Electric Cooperative Annual Report
ADV-U6-1 Public Utilities Direct Petition for Refund
ADV-U6-2 Public Utilities Joint Petition for Refund
RT-1 Real Estate Sales Validation Form
PT-PA-1 Affidavit For Physicians To Use To Verify Taxpayer Disability