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Alabama Department of Revenue - Human Resources - Benefits of Working for the Alabama Department of Revenue

Benefits of Working for the Alabama Department of Revenue

There are many advantages to working for the Alabama Department of Revenue and serving the citizens of our state in a public capacity. Please consider the opportunities listed on this page.

  • Annual Leave: There are 24 semi-monthly pay periods per year. Leave is accrued as follows:
    • 4.20 hours per pay period while serving the first five years of service
    • 5.25 hours per pay period while serving 5-10 years of service
    • 6.50 hours per pay period while serving 10-15 years of service
    • 7.35 hours per pay period while serving 15-20 years of service
    • 8.40 hours per pay period while serving 20-25 years of service
    • 9.45 hours per pay period after serving 25 years and beyond
  • Sick Leave: 4.20 hours of sick leave is accrued each pay period and remains at 4.20 throughout your career with state government.
  • Deferred Compensation: Each employee may elect to contribute to a deferred compensation plan through the Retirement Systems of Alabama or the Public Employees Benefit Service Corporation.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: Health and dental insurance premiums for an employee are paid by the state and partially by the employee themself. Family coverage is available at the option of the employee.
  • Paid Holidays: There are thirteen (13) paid holidays per year.


Training in the Department of Revenue brings about awareness and knowledge in many individual areas, and navigating individual needs to meet professional goals. Our training in the Department of Revenue is a recurrent program offered to temporary and permanent employees in various topics. Some examples of the types of training offered are new employee orientation, employee development and enrichment, and introductory classes in numerous software programs.

Special classes are coordinated through State Personnel Training to include performance appraisal, employment law, and other necessary courses. The Department is also involved in two special certification programs coordinated through Auburn University, and we support the Certified Public Manager Certificate program offered by the Center for Government and Public Affairs Office (Auburn University at Montgomery).

The Alabama Department of Revenue has a strong recruiting program. Our recruitment team consists of a diverse group of professionals equipped to provide employment information, acquaint you with the department mission, and share real experiences that make their job interesting and rewarding. As such, we actively recruit at many colleges and universities throughout the State of Alabama for Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and Public Administration majors to potentially hire in the classifications of Revenue Examiner and State Professional Trainee. Also, as a customer service, our recruiters participate in career days at local schools, K-12.

Contact: Annette K. Russell, Recruitment Coordinator and Training Specialist

Financial Benefits

The Alabama State Employees Credit Union provides free checking accounts, savings accounts, and Christmas club savings plans for state employees. The Credit Union also provides competitive interest rates on loans, safe deposit boxes and other services. To join the Credit Union membership requires a deposit of $25.00 plus a nominal membership fee. Payroll deduction is available from the first paycheck of each month. For more information, visit their website at http:

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit of your payroll check is available to most any financial institution or bank account. Direct deposit forms are available at your bank or call or visit the payroll clerk.


Alabama State Employees Association (ASEA) dues are deducted from the first payroll check of each month. ASEA provides free legal counseling and representation for job related cases, represents state employees before the Alabama Legislature. ASEA also provides vacation spot discounts, travel savings program, and other discounts to retail establishments. Dues are $9.00 a month. ASEA has a $2.00 a month contribution to State Employees Association - Political Action Committee (SEA-PAC) associated with its dues. This is a voluntary contribution and maybe canceled.

Another employee group is the Alabama Public Employees' Association League. Their dues are set at $2.50 per month


Dependent health insurance coverage is available to employees with qualifying dependents through one of the State's providers. This costs an employee $164.00 a month for an unlimited number of dependents and is payroll deducted. This deduction can be taken from pre-taxed money when the flexible benefits plan is selected.

Personal insurance is available through a variety of companies and can also be payroll deducted. Insurance policies which include life, disability, and cancer policies are offered to our employees by outside vendors. This service is handled by ERISA Administrative Services.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account allows employees to pay for dependent care expenses with payroll deductions before state and federal taxes are applied. The maximum annual amount allowed for this plan is $5,000 (or $2,500 for married taxpayers filing separate returns). Money deposited in this account must be used during the year for the appropriate expenses and can not be carried over to the next year. Also, the money in this account is not refundable at the end of the year. A $4 monthly administrative fee per reimbursement account is charged. This program is administered by ERISA Administrative Services.

Health Care Reimbursement Account can be used to pay for most health care expenses not covered by the employee's regular insurance or dental plan. Money from this account is best used for regular, predictable health expenses. The maximum amount allowed for this plan is $2,000. Money is contributed to this account through payroll deduction of pre-tax dollars as set by the employee. As with the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account, the money in this account is not refundable at the end of the year and a $4 monthly administrative fee is charged per reimbursement account. This account is administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

Other Programs

Combined Charities Campaign is sponsored by the Montgomery Area United Way, which is a local chapter of the United Way of America, and contributions can be made in a single payment or through payroll deduction. Your contributions are sent to an organization of your choice, i.e. Easter Seals, Sickle Cell Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation. State employees give over $400,000 annually to worthy agencies who help the poor and the less fortunate of Alabama.

Prepaid Affordable College Tuition (PACT) is a state sponsored program that offers parents a way to plan and save for future college costs at today's prices. This non-profit trust fund has been in existence for 10 years and provides its participants with a secure and financially stable means to pay for children's college education. There are three payment options available, single payment plan, 5 year monthly payment plan, and the extended monthly payment plan. The 5 year and the extended monthly plans are available for payroll deduction. For more information, call 1-800-ALA-PACT or visit their web site.

Savings bonds are available through payroll deduction. An employee can choose a variety of increments with which to buy savings bonds. This program allows employees to save money for future college costs or retirement and earn interest at a reasonable rate.

State Employees Injury Compensation Trust Fund (SEICTF) provides medical benefits for injuries incurred on the job, lost wages caused by job injury, payment for permanent partial and permanent total disability, and payments to eligible dependents and for burial expenses in the event of a fatal work related injury. The SEICTF is a funded program, created by the Alabama Legislature in 1994, that provides eligible employees secure benefits.

Longevity Pay is a lump sum payment for longevity if the employee has accumulated at least five years total eligible service time and is in active pay status as of December 1 of the current calendar year. All state employees and law enforcement officers, merit or non merit, are entitled to receive this bonus. Temporary time, leave without pay or other breaks in service do not qualify as service time. Longevity pay is listed as:

Tenure Longevity bonus
5 to 10 years $300.00
10 to 15 years $400.00
15 to 20 years $500.00
20 years or more $600.00

Federal and state taxes are withheld from the longevity pay as well as FICA and/or Medicare for those employees who are subject to FICA and/or Medicare.