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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

ADOR - Individual & Corporate Tax - 2013 Form 40A Calculate Fillable form instructions


Instructions for 2013 Form 40A with Calculations


The Form 40A has been enhanced to complete all calculations and to compute the amount of tax due. Just key in your data prior to printing the form. IMPORTANT: If you choose to use the fill-in option, please do not handwrite any other data on the form other than your signature. Also, do not attach the pre-printed label to the form. It will cause problems with processing. Your information will be included in the 2-D barcode.

  • Requirements for downloading forms

    You MUST have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later installed on your computer in order to view and print these forms. You can download a copy from the Adobe website. It is also necessary to use Internet Explorer 9.0 or later versions in order to accurately view or download these forms.

  • Calculated Fields - The fields highlighted in yellow are read-only fields and no data can be entered in these fields. Data can be entered in the fields shown in white.
  • Fields Not Required - If you have a field that you do not need to file out, please leave the field blank and do not enter "NONE" or "N/A" in the field.
  • Pre-printed Label - Do not attach your pre-printed label to the form. This information is included in the 2-D barcode information. If you attach the pre-printed label it could cause problems with processing your return.
  • Interest and Dividend Income - If you have Interest and Dividend Income greater than $1,500, you need to use the Form 40.
  • Navigation Buttons - The buttons in Blue are there to navigate to the different pages. You also can move to the different screen by using the navigation buttons available in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader.
  • Printing Form - You must use the green PRINT FORM button to print your form. If you try to print the form using the Print command in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, you will get one page with a statement and one blank page.
  • 2D Barcode - The Form 40A has also been enhanced to print a two dimensional (2D) barcode. The PRINT FORM button MUST be used to generate the (2D) barcode which contains data entered on the form. The use of a 2D barcode vastly improves processing of your return and reduces the costs associated with processing your return.

  • Direct Deposit of Refunds - The Direct Deposit option is currently not available for the Form 40A.
  • Saving Form - If you have Adobe Reader 11.0, you will have the ability to save your form. If not, we have an option for Acrobat Reader users. The Form 40A is equipped with a MFS Option that will allow you to save your work in Acrobat Reader. This option allows you to fill out your return and continue working on it later. If you are filling out your form and are unable to complete it, close the form and the Acrobat Reader. When you reopen the reader and the form, your information will automatically fill in with the saved information. This option DOES NOT save the form but only saves the information. Therefore, you will still need to print out a copy for your records when you have completed the form. You will not be able to save your return unless you have the complete version of Acrobat.

    If you have any problems or suggestions, please CONTACT US under Troubleshooting for Forms.