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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

ADOR - Individual & Corporate Tax - 2013 Calculated/Fillable Form 40NR Updates


Updates and Frequently Asked Questions 2013 Form 40NR with Calculations


The following updates have been made to the Computed Form. Also, some Frequently Asked Questions about the use of the Form 40NR are shown below. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to CONTACT US under Troubleshooting for Forms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I place the Alabama Income Tax Withheld from my W-2G ? If you have Alabama income tax withheld from your W-2G, enter the tax withheld on line 5, Column A of Form 40NR, Page 1 and enter a zero in Columns B and C for Income. Enter your Gambling Winnings on line 8, Columns B and C of Part I, Page 2 of the Form 40NR.
  • Do I need to place my pre-printed label on the Form 40NR? No. The taxpayer information is included in the 2-D barcode so the pre-printed label is not needed. If you do attach it to your return, it can cause problems with processing your return.
  • I do not get a copy of my return when I print it out. What is wrong? Make sure you are using the green Print this Form button to print your form. If you try to print the form using the Print command in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, you will get one page with a statement "Please, use the PRINT button on the Form to Print this form. Thank You." and eight blank pages.
  • I only need the Form 40NR and Schedule A. Do I have to print all nine pages? No. When you press the Print this Form button, a print module will appear. You can change the Print Range to select the pages that are needed.
  • When I print the Form 40NR it cuts off the bottom of the page? When you press the Print this Form button, a print module will appear. Change the Page Scaling to "Fit to Paper".