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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

2000 Alabama Individual IncomeTax Forms


  2000 Alabama Individual Income Tax Forms

The 2000 Alabama resident, nonresident, and extension forms are available on this page.  Please let us know if you would like to see additional forms or information concerning Alabama individual income tax. Forms 2848A, 4506A, 8821A, 40X, and IT:489 are now located on the General Tax Forms page.   

Individual Income Tax Forms

 Mailing Addresses for Individual & Corporate Income Tax Forms

All forms are "Final" versions unless stamped as "Draft" or "Proof"

Taxpayer Reminder!  The  Alabama Form 40V (Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher) is required whenever payment for the amount due on a 2000 Alabama individual income tax return is remitted with the return. The paper return, voucher, and check should all be submitted in the same envelope. Click on Form 40V, below, for additional information.

Downloading Instructions for PDF forms

Fillable Form Instructions for PDF forms

Alabama Resident Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions

Form Number
Form Type and Description
Form 40
2000 Alabama Individual Income Tax Return (blank) (fillable) (instructions)
Schedule A, B & CR
Itemized Deductions, Interest and Dividend Income, and Credit for Taxes Paid to Other States (Form 40)(blank) (fillable) 
Schedule D & E
Profit from Sale of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, etc. and Income from Pensions, Annuities, Rents, Royalties, Partnerships, S Corporations, Estates & Trusts  (Form 40) (blank) (fillable) 
Form 4952A
Investment Interest Expense Deduction (blank) (fillable) 
NOL Booklet (not revised annually)
Net Operating Loss (NOL) Booklet (instructions) 
Form NOL-85 (not revised annually)
Computation of  Net Operating Loss (blank) (fillable) 
Form NOL-85A (not revised annually)
Application of NOL Carryback or Carryforward (blank) (fillable) 
Schedule OC
Other Available Credits (blank) (fillable) 
Alabama Short Form and Instructions
Form 40A
Alabama Individual Income Tax Return (Short Form) (blank) (fillable) (instructions)
Nonresident Forms and Instructions
Form 40NR
Alabama Individual Income Tax Return Form (Nonresidents Only) (blank) (fillable) (instructions)
Schedules A,B,D&E
Schedules A, B, D, & E for Form 40NR (blank) (fillable)
Schedule OC
Other Available Credits (blank) (fillable)
Payment Form
Form 40-V
Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable) (blank)