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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

2006 Partnership, Fiduciary and Estate Tax

2006 Pass-Thru Entities Tax Forms (S-Corporations, Partnership, Fiduciary and Estate Tax)

The 2006 Alabama S-Corporation, Partnership, Fiduciary and Estate Tax forms are available on this page.  Please let us know if you would like to see additional forms or information concerning Alabama Pass-Thru Entities taxes. Forms 2848A, 4506A, 8821A, 40X, and IT:489 are now located on the General Tax Forms page. Pay your Pass-Thru Entities Invoices and Assessments by Credit Card or at NO CHARGE by E-Check.  File your Corporate Estimated Tax Payments ONLINE!!!

Pass-Thru Entities Tax Forms

Downloading Instructions for PDF forms

Fillable Form Instructions for PDF forms

Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0 or greater is needed to view these forms.

S-Corporation, Partnership, Fiduciary and Estate Tax Forms

SubChapter K Entities/S-Corporation Income Tax Forms and Instructions
2006 Form 20S Form 20S - Alabama S Corporation Information/Tax Return (fillable form) (instructions)
2006 Schedule K1 Schedule K1 -  Alabama Subchapter K Entities/S Corporations' Shareholder's Statement of Income Deductions (fillable form) (instructions)
Form 65
Updated: 08/30/2007
2006 Partnership / Limited Liability Company Return of Income (fillable form) (instructions)
Form PTE-C Subchapter K Entities/S Corporations Nonresident Composite Payment Return (fillable form)(instructions)
Schedule NRA 
(Revised: 10/06)
Alabama Subchapter K Entities/S Corporation - Agreement of Nonresident Shareholder (fillable form)
Fiduciary Form and Instructions
Fiduciary Form Instructions 2006 Form Preparation Instruction for Form 41, Form 41 Schedule K-1, NOL-F85 and NOL -F85A (instructions)
Form 41
Updated: 03/02/2007
2006 Fiduciary Income Tax Return (fillable form)  
Schedule K1
(Form 41 Only)
2006 Fiduciary Beneficiary Information (Form 41) (fillable form)
Form NOL-F85
(Revised: 11/06)
Computation of Net Operating Loss for Fiduciary Return (Form 41) (fillable form)
Form NOL-F85A
(Revised: 11/06)
Application of Net Operating Loss Carryback or Carryforward for Fiduciary Return (Form 41)(fillable form)
Estate Tax Forms
Form IT: AFF1
(Revised: 07/02)
Affidavit Of Estate Tax (fillable form)
Form EST-1
(Revised: 6/14)
Application for Estate Tax Waiver (fillable form)
Form EST-123
(Revised: 9/01)
Application for Refund of Estate Tax (fillable form)

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