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*****  Administrative Law Division Move Effective October 1st, 2014  *****
The Taxpayer Fairness Act transfers Revenue's Administrative Law Division to the newly-created Alabama Tax Tribunal; their website is now
*****  Subchapter-S & Subchapter-K 2013 Income Tax Payment Notification  *****
Income tax payments made through My Alabama Taxes (MAT) by Subchapter-S Corporations and Subchapter-K Entities for the 2013 tax year should be made using the Pass Through Entity (PTE) Tax Type.
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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

Alabama Department of Revenue - 2014 Corporate Income Tax Forms

2014 Alabama Corporate Income Tax Forms

The 2014 Alabama Corporate Income Tax Estimate Payment forms are available on this page.  Please let us know if you would like to see additional forms or information concerning Alabama Corporate Income tax. Forms 2848A, 4506A, 8821A, 40X, and IT:489 are located on the General Tax Forms page.  Pay your Corporate Income Tax Invoice, Assessment and return payments by Credit Card or at NO CHARGE by E-Check. You can file your Corporate Estimated Tax Payments ONLINE!!!  

Corporate Income Tax Forms


My Alabama Taxes (MAT) is a secure way to view and access your tax information using the Internet. Anyone who has an account with the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) may register to access their tax information through MAT. To sign up for MAT, go to

NOTE: To use the forms with calculations/2-D barcodes, only Adobe Reader, Professional and Standard are supported. Other products may cause problems with calculating values correctly and printing of the forms.If you are a MAC user, please make sure that you are opening the pdf in Adobe Reader, Professional or Standard and not “Preview”.

2014 Corporate Income Tax Estimate Payments
Form BIT-V Business Income Tax Payment Voucher (fillable form) NOTE: Not for use with Form PPT or CPT (business privilege tax payments) *File your estimated taxes online !!!

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