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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

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Fillable Forms Instructions


Download and fill-in your Alabama individual income tax forms electronically!  Fill-in forms allow you to enter information while the form is displayed by an Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later product and then print out the completed form.  Fill-in forms give you a cleaner crisper printout for your records and for filing with the State of Alabama. There is no computation or verification of the information you enter and you are still responsible for entering all required information (Some instructions may require you to handwrite an amount on the form)

Note:  This fill-in application uses the features provided with Acrobat 5.0 products.  In some cases you can download the form to your hard disk by right clicking the LINK to the form. In Internet Explorer, select SAVE TARGET AS and in Netscape select SAVE LINK AS. You can then fill in the form and print it offline. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, email the Web Administrator at the address below.

Saving Fillable Forms - Although you can download a copy of the fillable form to your hard drive, you can not save the completed fill-in form unless you have Acrobat Professional or Acrobat Standard. You cannot save a completed fillable form in Acrobat Reader. Therefore, please make sure that you print a copy for your records.

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  • Download and Try Fill-in Forms!

Select a form from the list shown on the various forms pages. Use Acrobat 5.0 to open the file (your browser may be configured to open the file automatically upon download). You can navigate through the form using the tab key or by selecting fill-in areas with your mouse. Note: Use your mouse to select an area of the form that does not have a fill-in area before printing your document. If a fill-in area is active (contains the blinking bar) the contents will not print.  FOR MAC USERS:

If your browser is not configured to automatically download pdf files, when clicking the link to the desired form you will be presented with a dialog box with the following options: Netscape Navigator-"More info," "Pick app," "Save file," and "Cancel." Internet Explorer-"Cancel," "Save File As...," "Plugin," and "Application." Selecting "Save file/Save File As" will save the file to your computer. If you select "Pick app/Application", you are given the opportunity to find the preinstalled application Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader will automatically open the pdf file WITHOUT downloading it to your computer. You MUST save the file when finished. An alternative method that will automatically download the pdf file to your computer is to hold down the "option" key while clicking on the link to the form you wish to download. In Netscape Navigator: a dialog box will open containing the file name and ask you where you wish to save the pdf file. Make note of the file name and location so you can open the file later in Acrobat Reader 9.0. In Internet Explorer: Download Manager will open showing the download progress. Make note of the file name so you can open it later in Acrobat Reader 9.0. The file will automatically be downloaded to the location set in your browser preferences. (Preferences, Receiving Files, Download Options, Download Folder, Location:....)