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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

General Income Tax Forms

General Income Tax Forms

The amended returns, request for copies of tax returns, power of attorney and tax authorization forms are available on this page.  Please let us know if you would like to see additional forms or information concerning Alabama individual income tax.


Amended Returns, Copies of Tax Return, Refund Information, etc.
Form 40X (For 2007 and prior years) Updated: 5/13/2009
AMENDED Alabama Individual Income Tax Return or Application for Refund Form 40X (Revised: June 2008) (fillable form) (instructions)
If you have already filed a return and become aware of any changes to income, deductions or credits, you should file an amended tax return. for tax years prior to tax year 2008 you should mail in a completed Form 40X, Amended Alabama Individual Income Tax Return, to change those items. Beginning with tax year 2008 you should file a completed Alabama Individual Income Tax Return with the “Amended” box checked. A detailed explanation page of all the changes made should be attached to the tax return.
Form IT:489
Taxpayer Refund Information (Revised: November 2005) (fillable form)
Form 2848A
Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representation (Revised: February 2017) (fillable form)
Form 4020
Small Business Health Insurance Deduction Information Form (fillable form) RePosted: 10/07/2013
Form 4506-A
Request for Copy of Tax Form or Individual Income Tax Account Information (Revised: April 2013) (fillable form)
Form 6014-A
Authorization For Access To Third Party Records By Alabama Department of Revenue Employees (fillable form)
Form AL8379
Injured Spouse Allocation (fillable form) (instructions)
Form 8821A
Tax Information Authorization (Revised: October 2005) (fillable form)
Form BA-RS1
Agreement for Extending Period of Limitation for Assessment or Refund (Revised: March 2012) (fillable form)
Form BA-RS2
Agreement to Entry of Final Assessment (Revised: October 2014) (fillable form)
Form IT:FA4
Petition for Review of Preliminary Assessment (Revised: April 2005) (fillable form)
Change of Address Form
Change of Address for Individual Income Tax (form)
Form 1310A
Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer (form)
Form PWR
Request for Waiver of Penalty (fillable form)


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