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ADOR - State Boards and Agencies Registration Form Rule




810-8-5-.10.  State Boards and Agencies Registration Form.

(1) PURPOSE: Act 2006-586 requires that the Department of Revenue compose a list of all state boards and agencies that regulate the licensing of businesses or occupations under their jurisdiction. This list is to be distributed to all municipal license officers for use in determining whether license applicants have met regulatory prerequisites for the issuance of business licenses. This rule establishes the form to be used by boards and agencies in registering with the Department.
(2) REQUIREMENTS: Boards and agencies are directed in Code of Alabama 1975, Section 11-51-193(a) to notify the Department in writing of their regulatory requirements. The Department will compose and distribute a list of those boards and agencies that have completed the registration form as prescribed in paragraph three (3) below. The registration form should be submitted to the Alabama Department of Revenue, Sales, Use and Business Tax Division, License Section, P. O. Box 327550, Montgomery, Alabama 36132-7550.
(3) REGISTRATION FORM: The form attached as Appendix A entitled Board/Agency Registration Form should be completed by each board/agency desiring to be included on the list composed by the Department and distributed to municipalities. The following information should be provided.
(a) Name of state board or state agency.
(b) Telephone number of board or agency.     
(c) Physical address of board or agency.
(d) Mailing address of board or agency.
(e) Contact person’s name, e-mail address, and telephone number.
(f) North American Industrial Classification System (“NAICS”) sector and title for businesses or occupations under the board/agency’s jurisdiction.
(g) Signature of director/authorized officer.
(4) NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRIES CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM (NAICS): Code of Alabama 1975, Section 11-51-90B(a)(2), requires every taxpayer to be classified into one or more NAICS sectors. The attached Appendix B lists the NAICS sectors and titles as shown in Act 2006-586. In order for the municipal license officers to comply with licensing prerequisites, each board or agency must determine the NAICS sectors of businesses subject to its jurisdiction. These sectors and titles are to be included on the registration form required to be completed in paragraph three (3) above.
(5) CHANGES IN BOARDS OR AGENCIES: A new registration form as prescribed in paragraph three (3) above, should be submitted by a board or agency to notify the Department of any changes (i.e. address, telephone number, regulatory requirements) to be communicated to municipal license officers.
(6) INITIAL DISTRIBUTION: Boards and agencies furnishing the required registration form prior to November 1, 2006 will be included in the initial list to be distributed to municipal license officers on or about December 1, 2006. (Sections 40-2A-7(a)(5), Code of Alabama 1975 and Act 2006-586, effective November 30, 2006)

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