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Motor Fuel Excise Tax E-Filing

Motor Fuel Excise Tax E-Filing

As of the October 2012 filing period, licensed suppliers, permissive suppliers, terminal operators, importers, exporters, transporters, and blenders can file their Alabama tax returns electronically in XML format. Please contact your software vendor or accounting service to see if they support the Alabama electronic fuel tax returns.

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Information for Software Developers

The following information is provided for Programmers and Software Developers for developing their Alabama electronic fuel tax return.

Additional information is coming soon. PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN.

Note To All Developers: During the software certification process, the Alabama Department of Revenue has prepared a testing environment to be used for making test submissions. Since the number of test customers created for this environment is limited in comparison to the number of developers submitting returns for these customers, please be aware that there will be a scheduled restore of this testing environment on a weekly basis. This is to occur over the course of each weekend, which means that submissions made after Friday afternoon will not be processed and will not be available for viewing the following Monday. Please make your submissions during the work week of Monday through Friday in order for validations and acknowledgments to be processed normally. Thank you for your cooperation during this process.

Important Update Information for Developers (Updated: August 22, 2012)

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MFET Developer's Handbook (Version 7) * February 27, 2014
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Contact for Certification or Technical Questions


Approved and Authorized Commercial Software Providers

The following companies are vendors that have successfully completed the required testing and are now authorized to electronically file the Alabama terminal excise tax returns effective October 1, 2012. Contact the companies directly for more information. Providing this list of companies does not indicate a preference or endorsement for any individual product on the part of the Alabama Department of Revenue.

ADD Systems
Phone: 800-325-5975

Phone: 800-729-2467

Avalara Returns Excise
Phone: 877-780-4848

CMI Solutions
Phone: 800-211-5980

Phone: 877-854-7888
Phone: 605-940-4679

IGenFuels, LLC
Phone: 920-455-8068