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Commitments to Purchase

Alabama Distinctive License Plates Available for Commitment to Purchase Applications Commitment Period: January 1, 2014  through December 31, 2014 Additional Fee: $50.00Tag Type: ZZ

Effective January 1, 2014, in order to process a pre-commitment, use the following link:


*License plate designs subject to change*

  • License Plate Category:  Alabama Olympic and Paralympic Training
  • Sponsoring Organization: Lakeshore Foundation
  • This plate is available to all supporters.
  • Lakeshore Foundation will use the funds to serve our mission: to enable people with physical disability and chronic health conditions to lead healthy, active and independent lifestyles through physical activity, sport, recreation and research. The USOC will apply its portion of the proceeds for high performance services and financial assistance provided to Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls from the state.
  • Required number of pre-commitments: 1000
  • Secondary Tag Type:  36

  • License Plate Category:  Friends of Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site
  • Sponsoring Organization: Friends of Tuskegee Airmen NHS, Inc.
  • This plate is available to all supporters.
  • The net proceeds will be used to support the museum site located at Moton Field and general operating expenses.
  • Required number of pre-commitments:  1000
  • Secondary Tag Type:  37