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Motor Vehicle Division - Standard License Plates



Standard and Disability Access Tags

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Standard Passenger Plate

Standard Disability Access Plate

Standard Passenger

Standard PassengerDisability Access

Standard Motorcycle



Motorcycle Disability Access

P1 Truck (8,001-10,000 lbs GVW))

XA Truck (10,001-12,000 lbs GVW)

Motorcycle Disability Access Plate

Utility Trailer

Travel Trailer

Recreational Vehicle /Motor Home

Utility Trailer

Travel Trailer

Permanent Trailer Plate

Apportioned Plate

Cotton Module

Permanent Trailer


Cotton Module

Truck / Truck Tractor Farm Forest
Truck / Truck Tractor Farm Truck / Truck Tractor Forest Truck
Motor Home Ambulance Commercial Bus
Motor Home
Ambulance / Hearse

Commercial Bus

Taxi Semi Trailer Rental Trailer
Taxi Semi Trailer Rental Trailer
Consular Official Truck Tractor Truck Tractor
Consular Official For Hire, Limited Vintage Vehicle




..Apportioned Plate

Disability Access Parking Temporary Placard

Disability Access Parking Permanent Placard






Disability AccessParking Placards