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ADOR - Office of the Commissioner Rule Changes

Administrative Rules

Recently Amended, Repealed, or Newly Promulgated Rules

The following rules are administered by the Office of the Commissioner and have recently been amended, repealed, or newly promulgated.

Rule Number Status Effective Date Rule Name
810-14-1-.15 Amended 4-11-2014 Entry of Final Assessment
810-14-1-.28 Amended 2-24-2011 Disclosure of Statistical Information
810-14-1-.30 Amended 5-19-2010 Penalty for Failure to Timely Pay Tax
810-13-1-.01 Amended 3-25-2010 Scope of Division 13
810-1-1-.05 Amended 2-1-2010 Regulations for the Control of Funds Advanced to Pay Travel Expenses
810-1-6-.11 Repealed 11-4-09 Requirement for Testing Prior to Department Approval
810-1-6-.10 Repealed 11-4-09 Requirements for Submitting Tax Returns
810-1-6-.09 Repealed 11-4-09 Requirements for Filing Declaration
810-1-6-.08 Repealed 11-4-09 Acceptance of Electronic Return Originators into Program and Revocation of Acceptance into the Program
810-1-6-.07 Amended 11-4-09 Determining Timely Filing of Electronic Returns
810-1-6-.06 Amended 11-4-09 Electronic Payment Requirements and Determining Timely Payment
810-1-6-.05 Amended 11-4-09 Tax Types Covered and Requirements for Tax Returns
810-1-6-.04 Amended 11-4-09 Electronic Filing and Payment of Taxes to be Provided Through the Paperless Filing and Payment System
810-1-6-.03 Amended 11-4-09 Definitions
810-1-6-.02 Amended 11-4-09 Scope of the Rules
810-1-6-.13 Amended 2-10-09 Requirements for Third-Party Bulk Filers
810-14-1-.30 Amended 1-8-08 Penalty for Failure to Timely Pay Tax
810-13-1-.10 Repealed and Replaced 11-19-07 Procedures for ACH Debit Payment Method
810-13-1-.11 Repealed and Replaced 11-19-07 Procedures for ACH Debit Credit Method
810-14-1-.16 Amended 11-8-07 Uniform Revenue Procedures -- Appeal from Final Assessment
810-14-1-.30.01 New 07-13-07 Penalty for Failure to Timely File Tax
810-13-1-.01 Amended 11-24-06 Scope of Division 13
810-13-1-.03 Amended 11-24-06 General Requirements
810-13-1-.05 Amended 11-24-06 Selection of Taxpayers
810-13-1-.07 Amended 11-24-06 Registration of Taxpayers
810-13-1-.06  Repealed 11-24-06 Notification of Taxpayers
810-14-1-.23 Amended 12-2-05 Refunds of Motor Vehicle Registration Fees
810-14-1-.06 Amended 01-19-05 Revenue Rulings
810-1-6-.13 New 10-5-2004 Requirements for Third-Party Bulk Filers
810-14-1-.04 Amended 08-03-00 Installment Payment Agreements
810-1-5-.01 Amended 02-09-00 Timely Mailing Treated as Timely Filing and Paying
810-1-1-.01 Amended 06-17-99 Department of Revenue, Creation and Organizational Structure
810-1-1-.02 Repealed 06-17-99 Commissioner of Revenue
810-1-1-.02.01 Amended 06-17-99 Delegation of Authority by Commissioner to the Assistant Commissioner
810-1-1-.03 Repealed 06-17-99 General Description of Agency Organization and Operation
810-1-1-.04 Repealed 06-17-99 General Information
810-1-1-.06 Repealed 06-17-99 Release of Information to Third Parties Holding Liens Which Attach to a Taxpayer's Property so as to Compete With State Tax Liens
810-1-1-.08 Repealed 06-17-99 Information Disclosure Pertaining to 40-1-33, Code of Alabama 1975
810-1-6-.01 New 06-17-99 Signature Requirements of Tax Returns and Other Documents of All Types Filed by Electronic Methods
810-14-1-.33.01 Amended 02-16-99 Assessment and Waiver of Civil Penalties
810-14-1-.34.01 New 02-16-99 Interest on Underpayment of Tax - Large Corporations