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Sales Tax Escrow Programs

Escrowing for sales taxes on a daily basis is a good business practice for merchants to adopt so funds will be available to pay the sales tax liability at the end of the taxing period. Merchants can escrow manually each day, but automatic sales tax escrow programs are now available for a convenient, stress-free way to pay state sales taxes on time, every time.

To date, the Pay My Taxes™ Program is the only automatic sales tax escrow program in the market place. This new, free sales tax escrow program allows for simple automatic budgeting and payment of state sales taxes by depositing a percentage of the daily debit/credit card batches into a separate bank account of the participating merchant. At the end of the taxing period, those funds will be available to easily pay your sales tax on time without delinquency.

Pay My Taxes is an independent third party offering sales tax escrow services and is not affiliated with or an agent of the State of Alabama or the Department of Revenue.