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Instructions For Adding Additional Alabama Business Locations
Instructions For Adding Additional Alabama Business Locations

While completing the page, you must tab from field to field. Pressing the “Enter” key will erase the information that has been entered for that page.

You may enter up to five additional Alabama business locations per session.  You may repeat this process to add more than five additional Alabama locations.


Business Address:
  • Enter the street address of the business in the first business address field.
  • Enter the suite number, apartment number, etc. in the second business address field.
  • Enter the county in which the business address is physically located.
Effective Date:
  • Enter the date the location opened, or otherwise became effective, in the format shown.
Municipal Jurisdiction:
  • Select the appropriate response if the address listed above is located inside the city limits, outside the city limits but inside a police jurisdiction, in a rural area outside of both the city limits and a police jurisdiction, or in some other location.
  • If other location is selected, please explain.
Tax Type:
  • The tax types you are registered for that are relevant to this page are shown checked.  Uncheck any tax type(s) not applicable to this business location.
Complete Additional Address Sections if Necessary, then Press Continue

Verify Additional Business Locations Information:

  • Once verified, press the “I Agree” button to receive your Confirmation number.

Confirmation Number:

  • You will receive a Confirmation page with a Confirmation Number, the submission date and time, and a copy of the additional business location information you entered on the prior screens.
  • Print this page for you records.