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Instructions For Closing an Account
Instructions For Closing an Account

NOTE: This will only close your state and state-administered local accounts. This will not close your tax account with a self-administered locality that uses the Paperless Filing & Payment System for the collection of their taxes. You must contact that locality to close your account with them. Click here for contact information.

While completing the page, you must tab from field to field. Pressing the “Enter” key will erase the information that has been entered for that page.

Close Account image

Close Business Tax Account:
  • Select the Tax Type and Account Number assigned to your business that you wish to close.
  • Enter the effective date the business should be closed.  A tax return must be filed for the tax period that includes the date entered for the account being closed.
  • Indicate whether or not the business was sold to a new owner. If “Yes” complete the following section.
Purchaser/New Owner's Information:
  • Enter the new owner's name and address.
  • Enter the date the business was sold in the format shown.
Press Continue

Verify Business Tax Closing Information:

  • Once verified, press the “I Agree” button to receive your Confirmation number.

Confirmation Number:

  • You will receive a Confirmation page with a Confirmation Number, the submission date and time, and a copy of the close business tax account information you entered on the prior screens.
  • Print this page for you records.