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ADOR - Sales and Use Tax - Self-Administered Jurisdictions - Electronic Payment Information

Debit Block Codes

If you have debit block on your bank account, please provide the following three Company ID numbers to your bank for payments made through My Alabama Taxes (MAT):

For ADOR state tax payments and state-administered local payments:


For Non-State Administered (NSA) local payments through MAT:

9775071990   and   9803595965

Both of the above NSA Company ID numbers must be provided to your bank so that your bank will allow the processing of tax payments to the non-state administered jurisdictions without rejecting.

Payments rejected due to debit block issues may result in "Failure to Timely Pay" penalties and interest.

Returns filed electronically for non-state administered jurisdictions are required to be paid electronically. Failure to resolve ongoing debit block issues may result in the jurisdiction not acknowledging receipt of the associated electronically filed tax return, producing delinquency notices and "Failure to Timely File" penalties.

Updated 10/2/2013