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ADOR - Self-Administered Jurisdictions - Online Return Set Up Instructions

Instructions On How To Set Up Your
City / County Online Return
to Include Self-Administered Jurisdictions

1.  Log in to the Alabama Department of Revenue's e-filing site using your ADOR assigned Sign On ID and Access Code. Enter your User ID and your self-selected Password.

2.  From the "Main Menu", select the "City / County Local Taxes Return (form 9501)."

Select Return image

3.  From the "Filing Period Selection" page, select the filing period. Click "Continue."

Filing Period Selection image

4.  From the "Select Filing Method" page, select the filing method. Click "Continue."

Select Filing Method image

5.  From the "City/County Return (form 9501)" page, click the "Add/Delete Localities" button located at the top right portion of your screen.

Add Delete button image

This will take you to the "Choose Locality" page. Select the self-administered locality(s) that you wish to file electronically by clicking inside the check box located next to the name of the locality.

The self-administered localities that require that you file by location will display a Number of Locations box. For more instructions for multiple location filing, click here.

Once all of your localities are selected, and number of locations stated, click "Continue."

NOTE: If you file state-administered city and county taxes, simply add your self-administered local taxes to the electronic return. The self-administered taxes will remain self-administered by the locality even though you can file and pay them online along with the state-administered city and county taxes.

Choose Locality Selection image

6.  Next, choose the "Tax Type(s)" and "Rate Type(s)" for which you owe the self-administered tax(es) by clicking inside the check boxes associated with each.

NOTE: For each "tax type" check box that you select, you must select one or more "tax rate type" check box(es) in order to proceed to the next screen. Click "Continue."

Choose Tax Type Selection image

7.  You will be taken back to the "City/County Return (form 9501)" page that now displays the self-administered localities that you selected. Make SURE you enter your local taxpayer ID number assigned to you by the self-administered locality in the "Jurisdiction Account Number" field of the return.  Do NOT enter the 4 digit locality code.  It is very important that you enter the correct tax account number assigned to you by the self-administered locality. You will not be allowed to proceed to the next screen until this step has been completed.

Local Return image

8.  Complete the "City / County Return" that now includes these self-administered taxes. Press "Calculate." Press "Continue." This will take you to the "Verify City/County Tax Return (form 9501)." Press "Submit."

NOTE: If you also have state-administered city and county taxes on your return, please complete that information as well.

Verify Local Return image

9.  Enter your bank information on the "Make Payment" page, i.e. bank routing number, bank account number, select checking or savings. (The system will retain the banking information for future filings IF there is a state administered locality on the return, i.e. payment to 'Alabama Department of Revenue.'  If your return includes self administered localities only, you may want to contact the Alabama Department of Revenue EFT Unit (1-800-322-4106 x 7) to request that the banking information be added to your local account so that you will not have to re-enter it each month.)

Payment screen image

Press the "Continue" button, then press the "Authorize" button to authorize the payment. The efiling system will initiate your EFT ACH Debit Method payment for you. NOTE: The payment you authorize for the self-administered locality will go directly to the self-administered locality's bank and not to the ADOR. The payment for all state-administered local taxes will go directly to the ADOR's bank. 

View Payment Codes

Verify Payment image

Note:  If you are pre-approved to make your payment via EFT ACH Credit Method, you will bypass this page as you are required to initiate your EFT payment directly with your financial institution.  Separate payments must be initiated for each self-administered jurisdiction.

10.  Once you "authorize" your payment, you will receive a "Confirmation" page providing you with your confirmation number and a copy of your submitted return - please retain this page for your records. The confirmation number begins with an "N" followed by 10 numbers (all x's is not a valid confirmation number, you have filed a Demo return and must go back and file the real return).

Filing Confirmation image

NOTE: The returns for any self-administered local taxes will go directly to the appropriate self-administered locality and NOT to the ADOR. The returns for the state-administered city/county taxes will go directly to the ADOR.

Click here for instructions on uploading a file into the City & County Tax Return