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Alabama Department of Revenue - Sales Tax - My Alabama Taxes (MAT) - Sign On ID and Access Code Request Form (Submitted by Fax or Mail)

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  Sign On ID & Access Code Request Form
  (Fax or Mail-in Form)


In order to receive a Sign On ID and Access Code, you must first have a valid Tax Account Number with the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR).

To register online for a Tax Account Number, please go to:

Sign-On ID & Access Code Request Form (Fax or Mail-in)

Complete the form below, print a copy, then fax or mail to the EFT Unit. When ADOR receives a properly completed and submitted Request Form, we will mail your Sign On ID and Access Code letter to the mailing address we currently have on file for your account. Please allow 4 to 6 business days for delivery. If you need to speak with an ADOR representative for assistance, please call 1-800-322-4106.





Alabama Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 327950
Montgomery, AL 36132-7950

  • NOTE: Remember, please do NOT use this form to apply for a Tax Account Number.
  • NOTE: ALL Fields are Required in the Form.
Account Information
Tax Account Number(s) Assigned by ADOR: 
(Enter NA if not applicable.)
(Use FEIN if your tax payment does not require a Tax Account Number or NA if not applicable.)
Tax Type associated with your tax account number or FEIN: 
(Ex: Sales Tax, Tobacco Tax, Corporate Tax, Withholding, etc.)
Business Entity Information
Legal Name: 
(Enter NA if not applicable.)
Contact Information
Telephone Number:  [xxx-xxx-xxxx format]
E-Mail Address: 
Third Party Representatives
Are you a third party representative requesting information on behalf of your client? 

If you are a third party representative requesting confidential information on behalf of your client, you must include a properly executed Power of Attorney (form 2848A) or Tax Information Authorization Form (form 8821A) with your request if you have authority from your client to receive their Sign On Id and Access Code.