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ADOR - Severance Taxes Laws



The taxes listed below are administered by the Severance Tax Section of the Business & License Tax Division. Click on the title to review the law on the Alabama Legislature's web site.

Oil & Gas Tax
  Privilege Tax On Production Title 40, Chapter 20, Articles 1-23
  Conservation and Regulation of Production Title 9, Chapter 17, Articles 25-35
  County Oil and Gas Severance Tax Trust Funds Title 40, Chapter 20, Article 50
Coal Severance Tax


  1971 Coal Severance Tax Title 40, Chapter 13, Articles 1-10
  1977 Coal and Lignite Severance Tax Title 40, Chapter 13, Articles 30-36
Forest Products Tax Title 9, Chapter 13, Articles 80-108
Iron Ore Severance Tax Title 40, Chapter 12, Articles 128-130
Uniform Natural Minerals Tax Title 40, Chapter 13, Articles 50-61
Alabama Taxpayer's Bill of Rights and Uniform Procedures Title 40, Chapter 2A
Interest on Delinquent Taxes and Overpayments Title 40, Chapter 1, Article 44

The Acts passed since the last revision of Code of Alabama 1975 may be found here.