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Alabama Department of Revenue - Office of Taxpayer Advocacy

Office of Taxpayer Advocacy

The Office of Taxpayer Advocacy has been established to provide an avenue of relief, to identify systemic problems, and to offer suggestions for improvement in procedures.  It is a way to reinforce the Alabama Department of Revenue's commitment to equitable and fair treatment.  The Office of Taxpayer Advocacy in Alabama is not designed to circumvent normal procedural channels in resolving tax disputes, but rather to intercede on the taxpayer's behalf when normal departmental processes break down. The Office of Taxpayer Advocacy will provide an independent voice to work within the structure and will intercede on the behalf of citizens.  Taxpayer grievances can be caused by a variety of reasons, i.e. lack of tax knowledge, confusing or erroneous instructions or actions, or lack of response.

The Office of Taxpayer Advocacy is designed to work through these problems to provide a measure of relief to the constituent and also to identify reasons for the problems and to suggest long-term, structural remedies.  This office only further serves to enhance the department's commitment to its mission statement of providing fair and equitable treatment to all taxpayers.

Business Workshop Schedule

Please visit the department’s home page for individual and business tax-related information. If you have specific questions regarding your new business operation or activity, please contact the department by clicking on the menu button labeled “contact us,” located in the upper left-hand corner of the department’s home page and follow the instructions provided.

COM101: Combined Registration/Application/Change Form (PDF Fill-In) This form is for Filling In and Printing Only !

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