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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

Instructions For Creating W-2 File

Withholding Tax

Electronic Filing of Form A-3, Annual Reconciliation of Alabama Income Tax Withheld W-2 File Instructions

Electronic Filing of Wage and Tax Statements is required if you are submitting 25 or more Forms W-2 (and/or Forms 1099 if Alabama income tax was withheld) or if you filed and paid electronically during the year. The due date for filing wage and tax information is January 31.

To upload W-2 information when electronically filing Form A-3 (Annual Reconciliation of Alabama Income Tax Withheld) the file must be in the format specified by Social Security Administration EFW2, formerly MMREF and Alabama Form 10 (Specifications for Filing W2 Forms Electronically) format.

Many payroll software packages include a function to export the W-2 information. If your payroll software creates a file in the EFW2 format as modified by Alabama Form 10 it can be used to upload your W-2 information. My Alabama Taxes will accept the full EFW2 file, provided it contains only Alabama information. The Department only requires the RS record since the RS record contains the state W-2 information for each employee. The system will read each record but only processes the RS records when loading the file.  

A program is available to check your file for formatting errors. This program is an excel spreadsheet that will read and check each RS record for errors. Click here for instructions on using the AL_W2Report_Check.xls program to check your file for errors.

If you do not have software that will create an acceptable Alabama W-2 file, a program is available for you to create a W2REPORT.txt file that can be uploaded. Click here for information on using the CREATE_W-2_IMPORT_FILE.xls program to create your W2 file.


AL Export Utility Information

Use the AL Export Utility to remove carriage returns and line feeds, to extract RS records from an EFW2 file, or to remove other states records from your file.

Carriage Returns:  Form 10 specifies that the file must not contain record delimiters including carriage returns or line feeds.  If your file contains carriage returns or line feeds they must be removed from the file.  This utility can be used to remove the carriage returns or line feeds.

EFW2 Records:  The full EFW2 files can be lengthy and can take longer to process because the system has to read each record to determine if the record will load. The AL Export Utility will export the Alabama RS (State code of 01 or AL) records from your file to create an ALW2REPORT.txt file.  Using this utility on a file that contains RE, RA, RW and RT will considerably reduce the size of the file and reduce processing time.     

Other State Records: The file must contain only Alabama RS records (state code of 01 or AL).   If your file contains RS records from other states, you will receive an error when the system compares the total RS records of the file uploaded to the total number of employees reported on Form A-3.  Use the AL Export Utility to create a file with only Alabama RS records.


Instructions for using the Utility:

The AL Export Utility is available in Word & Excel.  These files use VBA macros to read each record and export all Alabama RS records to a new ALW2REPORT.txt file.  

1) To use the AL Export Utility you must first download the utility. To download the utility Right click on the link below, select Save Target As and then select a location where to save it on your computer.

AL_Export_Utility.xls Updated: 01/27/2015

2) Select Open.

3) Enable Macros.

To enable macros in Excel 2007, Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Excel Options. Click Trust Center, click on Trust Center Settings, and then click Macro Settings.  Select Enable all macros.   

If you are using an older version of Excel, a Security Warning will appear.  Select Enable Macros.


If the Security Warning screen does not appear, you will need to follow these instructions to change the security setting in either Excel or Word:

From the Menu select Tools, Macro, Security

Select the Security Level tab, then select the Medium option and click OK.

After changing this setting reopen the file and select Enable Macros.

4) Click on the Export Alabama RS records to ALW2Report.txt button.

Select or type the location to save your EXPORTED ALW2REPORT.txt file. You can use the dropdown box to select the directory of your file:



C:\Documents and Settings\......\My Documents\


5) A menu box will appear. Select the W2 file to export and click on the Open button. Note: You can only select one file. The AL Export Utility will read each record and write only Alabama RS records (RS records that have state codes of either AL or 01) to a new file named ALW2REPORT.txt. When the file is created you will receive a message telling you the location of your file. The original file will not be changed.

6)  Use the new ALW2REPORT.txt file to upload to My Alabama Taxes at