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Archive of Press Releases 2003

  • May 5, 2003

ADOR Launches Free Online Employer Tax Filing and Payment Program

ADOR Settles Local Tobacco Tax Case

Mobile County Business Owner Pleads Guilty to State Sales Tax Charges

New Registration Requirements for Alabama Interstate Motor Carriers Aimed at Improving Motor Carrier Safety

Alabama Tax Relief Offered to Hurricane Isabel Victims

October Marks License Renewal Month

ADOR’s Mandatory Liability Insurance Verification Program Reinstated First monthly surveys mailed mid-September

Mobile County Business Owner Pleads Guilty to State Sales Tax Charges

Alabama Business Taxpayers to File “Paperless” Returns in November

ADOR Reminds Corporate Filers Third Quarter Alabama Estimated Income Tax Return and Payment Due Sept. 15

Jefferson County Resident Pleads Guilty to State Tax Charges

Decatur Taxpayer Service Center Closes Sept. 1

Recent Legislation Clarifies “Remote Entity Nexus”

Reminder: Changes in Motor Vehicle Dealer Tag Requirements and Fees Coming Oct. 1, 2003

Recent Legislative Session Brings Changes to Alabama’s Abandoned Vehicle Law

Former Legal Secretary Convicted of State Tax Evasion; Receives Five-Year Prison Sentence

ADOR Notifies Tire Dealers of New Scrap Tire Environmental Fee, Effective Sept. 1

State Filing Extensions Granted to Alabama Storm Victims

ADOR Launches New Web Site

Alabama Joins IRS Offshore Compliance Effort

State Filing Extension Granted to Alabamians Serving in Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom

Baldwin County Video Store Owner Convicted on State Tax Evasion Charges; Receives Jail Time

Consumer Use Tax Line Item Reminder

What’s New for 2003? Alabama Individual Income Tax Filing Update

Dwight Carlisle Named State Revenue Commissioner