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2014 memos

  • May 16, 2014

Memo 2014-1 Redesigned License Plates for February 2014
Memo 2014-2 Hope for Kids with Diabetes Distinctive License Plate
Memo 2014-3 Fight Breast Cancer Distinctive License Plate (Pink Plate)
Memo 2014-4 County Reports
Memo 2014-5 Commissioner’s Order Dated January 30, 2014
Memo 2014-6 Realtor Distinctive License Plate
Memo 2014-7 Financial Institutions
Memo 2014-8 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2014-9 Redesigned and New License Plates
Memo 2014-10 Discontinue Issuance of Take a Kid Fishing Distinctive License Plate, May 1, 2014
Memo 2014-11 New Version of Plate Reservation and Ordering System (PROS)
Memo 2014-12 Commissioner’s Order Dated April 30, 2014
Memo 2014-13 Redesigned and New License Plates for Issuance Beginning June 2014
Memo 2014-14 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2014-15 Redesigned Stillman College License Plates for Issuance Beginning July 2014
Memo 2014-16 2014 Legislation Effective July
Memo 2014-17 2014 Legislation Regarding Dealer License and License Plate Requirements
Memo 2014-18 License Plate Orders
Memo 2014-19 IRP Renewal Month Assignment
Memo 2014-20 Two-Year Registration Renewals-Act 2014-301
Memo 2014-21 Electronic Surety Bond Request Portal
Memo 2014-22 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2014-23 Requirements for Names and Signatures on Title Applications, Title Assignments and Motor Vehicle Registrations
Memo 2014-24 Plate Reservation and Ordering System (PROS) Updates
Memo 2014-25 Redesigned Standard Motorcycle License Plates for Issuance Beginning January 1, 2015
Memo 2014-26 Redesigned Cahaba River and Saltwater Fishing License Plates for Issuance Beginning November 1, 2014
Memo 2014-27 New IRP Assigned Renewal Month
Memo 2014-28 Redesigned and New License Plates for Issuance Beginning December 2014
Memo 2014-29 Governor Proclamation Related to Stillman College Distinctive License Plates
Memo 2014-30 Questions Concerning the Provisions of Act 2014-301
Memo 2014-31 Notification Requirements for Counties Offering Two-Year Registration Renewals
Memo 2014-32 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2014-33 Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning January 2015