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ADOR Providing Relief to Taxpayers across Several Disaster Areas

  • September 27, 2016

UPDATED Oct. 11, 2016

The Alabama Department of Revenue is providing tax relief to Alabama taxpayers who have been affected in several federally declared disaster areas. The tax relief measures will mirror IRS measures in the same areas.

ADOR is granting extensions to taxpayers affected in federally declared disaster areas for the filing periods and payment deadlines of state income taxes. The extensions for such returns and payments shall mirror the due dates that federal income tax returns are required to be filed in the affected designated disaster areaslisted below. Click on the links at the end of each line to read the related IRS announcements:

Taxpayers seeking this Alabama tax relief should notate the IRS announcement number upon which they are relying on any returns and/or other correspondence being sent to the Department. Taxpayers who file electronically should contact ADOR at 334-242-1170 for filing guidance.