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NOTICE: One-time Grace Period for United Appeal Fund Entities and Supported Charities

  • April 17, 2018


To all Statutorily Exempt Organizations that are categorized as United Appeal Fund Entities
or United Appeal Fund Supported Charities:

The legislature has passed and the governor has signed Act 2018-198 to provide a one-time grace
period through September 30, 2018, for United Appeal Fund entities and their supported charities
that otherwise satisfied the definitions provided under Section 40-9-12 (c) as of July 1, 2017, but
failed to acquire, maintain or renew their Alabama Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption as of
July 1, 2017, or lost the use of their Alabama Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption due to
failure to timely file an informational report as required by Section 40-9-60 and rules promulgated

To renew or obtain an Alabama Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption, please visit the website
at https://revenue.alabama.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/stexa1se.pdf and complete the required
application, Form ST:EX-A1-SE. The completed application along with the required documentation
may be emailed to STExemptionUnit@revenue.alabama.gov.

To file the required informational report, please visit our “My Alabama Taxes” (MAT) website at
https://myalabamataxes.alabama.gov and create a MAT web profile (username and password). If you
already have a MAT web profile, you may add your exemption account to your current
profile. You will find step-by-step instructions on how to create a web profile and how to add access
to an existing account at: https://revenue.alabama.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/st-mat_info.pdf.
You should have previously received a letter from the Department containing the online filing
information needed to access your exemption account and file the report on MAT. If you have not
received your letter with the online filing information or if you have misplaced your letter, then please
contact our office as stated below.

If you should have any questions concerning this notice, please contact the Sales and Use Tax
Division by telephone at 334-242-1490, by email at STExemptionUnit@revenue.alabama.gov, or by
mail at Sales and Use Tax Division, Exemption Unit, P.O. Box 327710, Montgomery, AL

Click here to download a pdf version of this notice.