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ADOR Seeking Qualified College Students for New Internship Program

  • May 2, 2018

MONTGOMERY, May 2, 2018 – The Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) has launched a paid internship program that will provide qualified college students majoring in accounting with the opportunity to gain hands-on tax auditing experience before graduating from college.

“The Department is delighted to offer this opportunity for accounting majors to learn more about what we do and the value of state service,” said Revenue Commissioner Vernon Barnett. “This is a win-win program. At the same time it gives the students real world experience, it allows ADOR to train and evaluate potential examiners, analysts and accountants who may one day serve a vital role in the Department’s service to taxpayers.”

Under the tutelage of a mentor, an ADOR intern will work closely with experienced revenue professionals, gaining insight into their job responsibilities and duties. Interns will have the opportunity to explore, experience, and learn one of the primary functions of the Department, allowing them to integrate classroom knowledge into practical principles in a work environment. Following successful completion of the program, ADOR will encourage interns to apply for permanent Department positions near or upon graduation.

To be considered for an ADOR Internship, an applicant must be a sophomore, junior or senior in good standing at a four-year, accredited college or university; have a declared major in accounting; and have successfully completed a minimum of five accounting courses.

To learn more and apply for ADOR internships, visit https://revenue.alabama.gov/internship/.