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NOTICE: To All Entities Submitting Paper Motor Fuel Excise Tax Refund Petitions

  • April 21, 2020

Effective March 16, 2020, Governor Ivey declared a State of Emergency to lessen the impact of the coronavirus known as COVID-19 to the citizens of Alabama. The purpose of this notice is to provide important information to the entities receiving Motor Fuel Excise Tax Refunds that will help to ensure their refunds are timely processed during the current State of Emergency. 

To continue to receive your refund requests promptly, it is highly recommended that any entity submitting a motor fuel excise tax petition for refund file the refund petition online via the My Alabama Taxes (MAT) web portal at https://myalabamataxes.alabama.gov/.

The following refund petitions should be filed through MAT: Gasoline and Diesel Charity Refunds, Off-Road Undyed Diesel Fuel Refunds, Credit Card Issuer Refunds, Exempt Entity Refunds, and Licensed Distributor Refunds.

Entities that cannot submit their refund petitions through MAT are highly encouraged to submit their paper refund petitions to this office via the ADOR Data Exchange Portal (DEP) at https://ftp.revenue.alabama.gov. To request access to the DEP, please email the Motor Fuels Section at mft@revenue.alabama.gov and be sure to include a contact name and a valid email address.

If you have questions regarding this notice or online filing, please email the Motor Fuels Section at mft@revenue.alabama.gov.

Business and License Tax Division
Motor Fuels Section
P. O. Box 327540
Montgomery, AL 36132-7540
334-242-9608, Option 6, Option 1

To download a PDF version of this release, click here.