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MEMO 2020-009 Uploading Supporting Title Documents

  • November 18, 2020


TO: License Plate Issuing Officials
SUBJECT: Uploading Supporting Title Documents

In September 2020, Administrative Rule 810-5-75-.42 entitled Dealer Designated Agent Records, was amended to allow designated agents to electronically submit title application packages to the department. In October 2020, the enclosed document upload specifications were provided to all licensing system vendors. The first licensing office successfully uploaded title documents earlier this month and licensing offices are being added every week.

By uploading documents, licensing officials can eliminate mail processing time, postage costs and lost title packages. The administrative rule requires the physical title document that is uploaded to display the word “SURRENDERED” written or stamped on the face of the document. The rule further requires that original title documents must be maintained by the designated agent for one (1) year and then electronically for an additional four (4) years.

If your office is interested in participating, please contact your licensing system vendor or the Motor Vehicle Division for more information.

Click here to download a PDF version of this memo and more information.