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ALDOR Announces Updates to My Alabama Taxes

  • September 20, 2021
Taxpayer web portal gets new look, user-friendly design

MONTGOMERY, Sept. 20, 2021 – My Alabama Taxes, or MAT, a service of the Alabama Department of Revenue (ALDOR), is getting a makeover and a host of improvements aimed at making the filing and payment portal easier for you to use.

The new visual design focuses on mobile users and enhances accessibility. My Alabama Taxes will look better on a mobile device, and you’ll even be able to complete and file most returns straight from your phone.*

Verifying your My Alabama Taxes logon also has been overhauled and improved. You can now set up multiple phone numbers and email addresses for security, and MAT now supports authentication apps (such as Google Authenticator) to verify logons.

When you’re logged in, you’ll notice a new layout for your account page with panels and tabs. The reorganized content will reduce clutter and allow you to quickly find the information you need most, like account balances, ALDOR correspondence, and payment links. Letters and messages in My Alabama Taxes will no longer be deleted, but will be archived in case you ever need to see them again. The Help page has been updated to get you better acquainted with the new design.

The MAT experience for accountants also is improved. Features such as Favorites and access to recent taxpayers make it easier to find and manage specific tax accounts with outstanding tasks.

The new My Alabama Taxes will launch on Sept. 27. To learn more and see examples of the new layout and navigation, visit: https://revenue.alabama.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/V12_MAT_Updates.pdf.

* Some returns that require a considerable amount of data input may be easier to file from a tablet or computer.

Click to download a PDF of this release.