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  • New version of the IDEMIA eID now available.
  • The app is optimized for iOS and Android devices, including compatibility with iOS 12, the new iPhone X lineups and the new Android 9.0 Pie release.
  • App improvements include an enhanced user experience with selfie and liveness detection improvements, support for Touch ID and Face ID login and authentication, and driver’s license and barcode capture advances.
  • The sooner taxpayers download and register their eID with the Department of Revenue, the sooner they are secure. Taxpayers should not wait until they file a tax return to create and register their eID.
  • Taxpayers will receive a notification request in the eID app to authorize the processing of their tax return.
  • Taxpayers that use the eID receive their refunds faster.
  • Taxpayers should use the eID whether or not they receive a refund.

Creating Your eID

  • Step 1: Download the IDEMIA eID app
  • Step 2: Photograph your driver’s license or state ID card
  • Step 3: Take a selfie with the app to activate your eID
  • Step 4: Register with ADOR via MAT


What is an Electronic ID or eID?
The Alabama eID is a trusted digital credential authenticated by Alabama’s Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). The Alabama eID is the ONLY online ID that ties back to the in-person proofing process conducted when you apply for a driver’s license or state ID.

What can the eID be used for?
The eID can be used to facilitate secure online transactions, like applying online for benefits, securing tax returns and more.

How much does the eID cost?
This is a FREE app/service provided to you by the Alabama Department of Revenue to mitigate tax fraud.

Does the eID work with any smartphone?
Yes, the IDEMIA eID app is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

When is the best time to download the app and enroll in this program?
Don’t wait until you file your taxes to download the app. You will significantly reduce the chance of having your identity stolen and a false return filed in your name if you enroll in this program now.

What if I used the Alabama eID mobile app last year to file my 2017 tax returns?
When you open the Alabama eID app, you will be prompted to download the new IDEMIA eID. You will create and register this new eID to file your 2018 taxes.

Does the eID replace my driver’s license?
No. The eID is not a replacement for your driver’s license or state issued ID. As of now, the eID can only be used to secure your online state tax return.

Are my dependents protected, or do they need to create an eID as well?
As parents, your eID protects your joint return, however your dependents’ identities could still be used in a separate fraud scheme. We suggest that if they have a driver’s license or state ID, they should consider downloading the IDEMIA eID app onto their own smartphone to secure their identity.

The best approach for anyone with a driver’s license or state ID is to create an eID and register for protection under the Alabama Department of Revenue’s tax protection program.

Can I use the eID again next year when I file my taxes?
Once you register your eID with the Alabama Department of Revenue, all your future Alabama income tax returns will be protected.

Who created this app?
The Alabama Department of Revenue has partnered with IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust USA) on providing this service to all residents with a smartphone. IDEMIA is headquartered in Massachusetts with additional offices across the U.S. The company’s mission is to simplify, protect and secure the lives of the American people in the U.S. Visit the IDEMIA website.

How do I know that the Alabama eID is secure?
Because your identity is verified by Alabama’s Law Enforcement Agency, you and only you are able to open the app. There are no usernames or passwords that can be stolen. Your photograph is the only way to unlock the app and access your eID.

Could someone use my photograph to unlock the eID app?
No. The IDEMIA eID mobile app has built in “liveness testing” technology to protect you against this type of identity theft. Once you open the app and take your photograph or “selfie”, you will be prompted to slowly turn your head from side-to-side enabling the app to determine that you are a live person and not a photograph.

What happens if my smartphone is lost or stolen?
If your smartphone is lost or stolen, rest assured that no one will be able to access your eID. By way of a real-time photograph and biometric technology, only you can access your eID.

Does the eID work on both my federal and state tax returns?
At this time, the eID can only be used to securely lock down your Alabama state tax return.

Will I get my state tax refund faster?
By securing your tax return with your eID, your tax return will receive priority processing. But anyone can benefit from using eID, not just when receiving a tax refund.

I have an accountant or tax preparer do my taxes for me. Can I still use the eID?
Yes. Your accountant or tax preparer will file your taxes as they normally do. Once your state taxes have been received by the Alabama Department of Revenue, you will receive a notification in the IDEMIA eID mobile app alerting you to safely and securely verify your identity and complete the filing process.

How do I find this in my app store?
To download the eID app, visit the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store and search for IDEMIA eID.

What is the process for setting up my secure eID?
Once you download the IDEMIA eID mobile app, follow these simple instructions for setting up your eID:

  • Scan your AL driver’s license or state ID.
  • Using your phone, verify your identity through facial recognition biometrics.
  • Once you have set up the app on your smartphone, go to My Alabama Taxes and register your eID with the Alabama Department of Revenue.
  • Click “Register your Alabama eID”
  • A QR code will appear. Scan this with the app on your phone. Note: if you do not complete this step immediately after installing the app, you may need to open the app again and take a selfie to unlock it.

Do I need a different device to register my eID?
You can use the same device to register your eID that you used to create your eID.

What is a QR code? And, how does it work with my eID?
A QR code stands for a “Quick Response” code. Smartphone cameras can read them lightning-fast to extract information or URLs. You might already have seen them in magazine ads and on signage. In the case of the IDEMIA eID mobile app, once you scan the QR code from any participating website using the eID app on your phone, your eID can privately tell the website who you are and that it’s safe to login. This is how you bypass entering those annoying usernames and passwords. And, none of your data leaves the phone until you see a Request Card and approve.

Troubleshooting and User Support
For assistance with registration or technical support contact Phone Support: (844) 321-2096.