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Municipal Business License Information

Act 2006-586 directs all state boards and agencies that regulate licensing of businesses or occupations under their jurisdiction to notify the Alabama Department of Revenue in writing of their regulatory requirements. It also requires the Department to compose a list of all such boards and agencies, and to distribute the list to all municipal license officers.

Lists of regulatory boards and agencies have been prepared alphabetically by Board/Agency Name. Beginning with the 2008 license year, any business entity that is in an occupation shown on the list should present a permit or certificate from the regulatory board or agency prior to being issued a municipal business license.

List of Agencies Sorted by Board/Agency Name

Legislative Acts

Act 2019-283      Clarification of Business Delivery Licenses
Act 2018-411      Persons Travelling through a Municipality
Act 2017-415      Municipal Business Delivery Licenses
Act 2017-294      Electronic Municipal Reports Due to ADOR Beginning October 1, 2019
Act 2006-586      Uniform Municipal Business License Requirements/Applications


Date                       Title

10/09/2012           2013 Five Year Adjustment to Municipal Business License Fees
11/26/2012           Clarification of Five Year Adjustment
06/21/2017           Relating to County and Municipal Allowable Interest Rate and Municipal Delivery Licenses and Issuance Fees
08/17/2017           2018 Five Year Adjustment to Municipal Business License Fees
04/13/2018           FY20 Municipal Business License Requirements/Delivery Licenses
11/26/2018           New Municipal License Report and Reporting Requirements
06/24/2020           New Municipal State Boards and Agencies that Regulate Licensing of Businesses or Occupations

For local government Municipal License Reporting requirements, see information provided on this page: https://revenue.alabama.gov/sales-use/local-government-forms/#munlicrpt.