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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) & Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Effective October 1, 2018




Access the forms through the forms search.

  • Application for a Compressed Natural Gas/Liquefied Natural Gas License
  • Compressed Natural Gas/Liquefied Natural Gas Surety Bond
  • Alternative Fuel Monthly Tax Return

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Return Template

  • Alternative Fuel Tax Return Template: You can either enter your information in MAT or use the above template to import your information into the Alternative Fuel Return. The first return is for the October 2018 period that will be due November 20, 2018.

Direct Questions to

Alabama Department of Revenue
Business & License Tax Division
Motor Fuels Section
P.O. Box 327540
Montgomery, AL 36132-7540

    • (334) 242-9608
    • (334) 242-1199