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Category: Press Release


Apr 2016

ADOR Public Hearing Notice May Rule Hearings

The Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) will hold a rule hearing on May 19, 2016, at its central office in Montgomery. Rule actions are needed to comply with recent law changes, new guidelines or procedures. Hearing dates, times and proposed rule actions are detailed below. Thursday, May 19, 2016 Hearing Location: Room 1203 Gordon Persons […]


Apr 2016

ADOR Launches New Website for Tax Amnesty Program

The Alabama Tax Delinquency Amnesty Act of 2016 was created by Act 2015-555. Pursuant to the act, the Alabama Department of Revenue now has a new website for the 2016 Tax Amnesty Program. The site can be accessed at the following link, http://alabamataxamnesty.com. The website includes program information and frequently asked questions. Taxpayers can also […]


Mar 2016

Criminals Target Payroll Offices with Phishing Emails

The Alabama Department of Revenue is alerting employers to the latest fraud scheme – criminals posing as a company CEO. These criminals are sending phishing emails to company payroll offices asking for detailed information about payroll and W-2s. These scam artists have tricked company payroll employees into giving away W-2 tax information on their company’s […]


Feb 2016

2016 Sales Tax Holiday for Severe Weather Preparedness Set for Feb. 26 through Feb. 28

Alabama’s fifth annual Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday will be held Friday, Feb. 26, through Sunday, Feb. 28. Alabamians are encouraged to stock up on a variety of supplies for protecting their homes or businesses during Alabama’s tornado and hurricane seasons. A provision in the Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday law allows counties […]


Feb 2016

Airbnb to Start Paying Taxes on Behalf of its Hosts in Alabama

On March 1, Airbnb, a San Francisco-based tech company that provides an online place to list, find and rent short-term lodging, will begin collecting and remitting taxes for its hosts in Alabama Pursuant to an agreement with the Alabama Department of Revenue, Airbnb will collect the state’s Transient Occupancy Tax, as well as local lodgings […]