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Category: Publications


Mar 2020


I, Vernon Barnett, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, pursuant to the power granted to me under §40-2-11, Code of Alabama 1975, hereby declare that due to the extreme hardships placed on Alabama motor vehicle registrants across the state who may be unable to register or renew their motor vehicle registrations or pay property […]


Mar 2020

MEMO 2020-001 New/Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning April 1, 2020

MEMORANDUM 2020-001 TO: License Plate Issuing OfficialsSUBJECT: New/Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning April 1, 2020 The Louisiana State University plate has exceeded the minimum required number of pre-commitments and will be available for issuance beginning April 1, 2020. A shipment of plates will be ordered for each county based on the number of pre-commitments. Please note […]


Feb 2020

Deadlines Extended for Alabama Motor Vehicle Registrations in Response to Flooding State of Emergency

MONTGOMERY, Feb. 27, 2020 – The deadline to renew February 2020 motor vehicle registrations and pay property tax on vehicles has been extended through March 16 for all counties that were affected by the flooding noted in the State of Emergency Declaration proclaimed by the Governor on Feb. 18. This extension applies to vehicle owners […]


Feb 2020

NOTICE Fayette County Tobacco Tax

NOTICE TO: All Tobacco Wholesalers Filing State-Administered County Tobacco TaxesSUBJECT: Fayette County Tobacco Tax According to Act No. 89-229 and by resolution adopted by the Fayette County Commission, the Alabama Department of Revenue has been designated as the agency to collect Fayette County tobacco taxes. The Alabama Department of Revenue is authorized to promulgate and […]


Jan 2020

NOTICE Tax Guidance for Persons, Firms, and Corporations Engaging in the Business of Providing Lodgings or Accommodations to Transients

NOTICE The legislature has passed, and the Governor has signed Act 2019-387 amending Section 40-26-1, Code of Alabama 1975, relating to the Transient Occupancy Tax levied on the furnishing of any room or rooms, lodgings or accommodations to transients in any hotel, motel, inn, tourist camp, tourist cabin, or any other place where rooms, lodgings […]