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Category: Publications


Jun 2019

MEMO 2019-002 New/Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning July 1, 2019

MEMORANDUM 2019-002 TO: Licensing Plate Issuing OfficialsSUBJECT: New/Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning July 1, 2019 The Colon Cancer Awareness, Prostate Cancer Research, Jefferson State Community College, and Thank a Lineman plates have exceeded the minimum required number of pre-commitments and will be available for issuance beginning July 1, 2019. A shipment of plates will […]


Mar 2019

Notice: Rebuild Alabama Act

Gasoline and Undyed Diesel Fuel Excise Tax Law Changes On March 12, 2019, Governor Kay Ivey signed into law Act 2019-2 also known as the Rebuild Alabama Act which levies an additional excise tax on gasoline and undyed diesel effective September 1, 2019. The changes made regarding the Rebuild Alabama Act are summarized below. Tax […]


Mar 2019

NOTICE Retailers and Semijobbers – Duplicate Invoices

REMINDER NOTICE TO: Retailers and SemijobbersFROM: Business and License Tax Division Tobacco Tax SectionSUBJECT: Duplicate Invoices This notice is to remind all retailers or semijobbers of the duplicate invoice requirement. Section 40-25-7, Code of Alabama 1975 requires “Any retail dealer or semijobber of tobacco products enumerated and defined in this article purchasing, or receiving such […]


Mar 2019

Deadlines Extended for Motor Vehicle Registrations in Lee, Macon, Bullock Counties

MONTGOMERY, March 7, 2019 – The deadline to renew March 2019 motor vehicle registrations and pay property tax on vehicles has been extended through April 15 for Lee, Macon and Bullock counties, which were affected by the severe weather noted in the State of Emergency Declaration proclaimed by the Governor on March 4. This extension […]