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Category: Publications


May 2020

NOTICE: Fayette County Tobacco Stamps

NOTICE ATTENTION: ALL TOBACCO DISTRIBUTORS, WHOLESALERSAND RETAILERSSUBJECT: FAYETTE COUNTY TOBACCO STAMPS Effective June 1, 2020, cigarette tax must be collected by affixing the appropriate Fayette County tobacco revenue stamp to all cigarette packages sold within this county. Please submit your order for the required stamps via https://myalabamataxes.alabama.gov/_/#1 (MAT) beginning May 22,2020, for application beginning June […]


Apr 2020

MEMO 2020-002 New/Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning May 1, 2020

MEMORANDUM 2020-002TO: License Plate Issuing OfficialsSUBJECT: New/Redesigned License Plates for Issuance Beginning May 1, 2020 Beginning May 1, 2020, there will be a new distinctive license plate for Wallace State Community College. Please know that only Cullman County will receive a shipment of these plates since this is the location of the community college that […]


Mar 2020


I, Vernon Barnett, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, pursuant to the power granted to me under §40-2-11, Code of Alabama 1975, hereby declare that due to the extreme hardships placed on Alabama motor vehicle registrants across the state who may be unable to register or renew their motor vehicle registrations or pay property […]