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Category: Notices


May 2021

NOTICE Houston County Tobacco Taxes

NOTICE TO: ALL TOBACCO WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERSSUBJECT: HOUSTON COUNTY TOBACCO TAXES The Houston County Commission has decided to self-collect its county tobacco taxes. Therefore,by resolution of the Houston County Commission in accordance with Alabama Code Section 11-3-11.2, the Alabama Department of Revenue will no longer administer and collect tobacco taxesfor Houston County. The Alabama Department […]


Feb 2021

NOTICE Storage Tank Trust Fund Charge Rate Increase

NOTICE ATTENTION: ALL ALABAMA UNDERGROUND AND ABOVEGROUND STORAGE TANK TRUST FUND CHARGE TAXPAYERSSUBJECT: STORAGE TANK TRUST FUND CHARGE RATE INCREASE The Alabama Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Trust Fund Management Board and the Alabama Environmental Management Commission are increasing the fee from $0.01 per gallon to $0.012 per gallon for each gallon of motor fuel […]


Nov 2020

NOTICE: Business License Due Date Reminder

All Probate Judges, License Commissioners, Revenue Commissioners, License Inspectors and Other Licensing Officials Business License Due Date Reminder This year October 31, 2020 falls on the weekend. Therefore, as in years past, the deadline to renew state/county business privilege licenses is extended to November 2, 2020. Consequently, delinquent penalties may not be imposed until beginning […]


Oct 2020

NOTICE Holiday Notice – State and State Administered County Tobacco Stamps

NOTICE ATTENTION: ALL TOBACCO DISTRIBUTORS, WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERSSUBJECT: HOLIDAY NOTICE – STATE AND STATE-ADMINISTERED COUNTY TOBACCO STAMPS All State offices will be closed on the following days for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays: Thursday, Nov. 26Friday, Nov. 27Thursday, Dec. 24Friday, Dec. 25 Since the office will be closed on Thursday of both these weeks, state […]


Oct 2020

NOTICE Annual Renewal of Alabama Tax Licenses

Notice of Annual Renewal of Alabama Tax Licenses Beginning November 1, 2020, taxpayers will be required to renew the State of Alabama Tax License annually. The My Alabama Taxes (MAT) website will provide the ability for the business information to be verified and/or updated in order to generate a new license for the upcoming year. […]


Sep 2020

NOTICE Annual Wholesale Oil License Fee Return

NOTICE ANNUAL WHOLESALE OIL LICENSE FEE RETURN The annual wholesale oil license fee return is due on Oct. 14, 2020, for the periods of Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2020. If your company was issued a Supplier License, Permissive Supplier License, or an Importer License by the department, then the return must be submitted. […]


Aug 2020

NOTICE Nursing Facility Privilege Tax

NOTICE To all Nursing Facilities Required to Pay the Nursing Facility Privilege Tax Levied in Code of Alabama 1975, Section 40-26B-21: The Legislature has passed and the Governor has signed Act No. 2020-147, which imposes a secondary supplemental privilege assessment at an annual rate of $327.48 or $27.29 a month for each bed in the […]