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Category: Notices


Feb 2018

New 1099-K Filing Requirement

Reporting entities required to file forms 1099-K Information Returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must also file a duplicate of the Information Returns with the Alabama Department of Revenue or a duplicate of all information returns related to taxpayers or participating payees with an Alabama address. The Wholesale to Retail Accountability Program, or WRAP, […]


Oct 2017

United Appeal Fund Notice

NOTICE To all Statutorily Exempt Organizations that are categorized as a United Appeal Fund or a United Appeal Fund Supported Charity that currently has an Alabama Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption: Effective October 1, 2017, Act 2015-534 requires that all statutorily exempt organizations must file a quadrennial informational report (once every four years). […]


Oct 2017

Hand-Applied Tobacco Stamp Sheets

NOTICE TO: Tobacco Wholesalers SUBJECT: Hand Applied Sheets of $0.675 stamps Recently, the Department received a new inventory of hand applied stamps for packs of 20 cigarettes. These stamps are on padded sheets (150 stamps/sheet with 10 sheets per pad) and must be sold as a pad of sheets in increments of 1,500 stamps/pad. Persons […]


Sep 2017

Tax Guidance for Persons, Firms, and Corporations Subject to Transient Occupancy (Lodgings) Tax

NOTICE Tax Guidance for Persons, Firms, and Corporations Subject to Transient Occupancy (Lodgings) Tax The Alabama Department of Revenue held a public hearing on August 10, 2017, to amend the Sales and Use Tax Rule 810-6-5-.13 entitled “Persons, Firms, and Corporations Subject to Lodgings Tax” to clarify the tax treatment for the rental of certain […]


Sep 2017

Casual Sales and Use Tax Reciprocity Notice

NOTICE To All License Commissioners, Probate Judges, and Other County Officials charged with the registration and collection of sales and use taxes on any automotive vehicle, motorboat, truck trailer, trailer, semitrailer, travel trailer or manufactured home taxed under Code of Alabama 1975, Section 40-23-101 and Section 40-23-102: Effective immediately, taxpayers should be allowed credit for […]