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The Certificate of Compliance will be issued if the Department is able to verify that an entity has filed all returns required to be submitted and paid the taxes shown due as payable on those returns.

A Certificate of Compliance can be requested from the Department of Revenue for $14 ($10 for the certificate plus $4 for processing).

Those requesting assurance that an entity is in compliance with the state taxes administered by the Department of Revenue will be required to request and pay for the Certificate of Compliance online. Request a Certificate of Compliance .

Once the Department is able to review the request, an update will be made to the online request. The update will indicate whether the entity is in compliance or not. Once the update is made, the requestor will be sent an email that will either include a Certificate of Compliance for the entity or contact information for the Department personnel that handle these requests. These employees will be able to provide specific information as to why the entity was found not to be in compliance, but will only be able to speak with the taxpayer or their authorized representatives about these matters.

The Certificate of Compliance is issued as of a particular point and time. As a result, if a taxpayer that has been found to be out of compliance takes sufficient action to come back into compliance, a new request for a Certificate of Compliance can be initiated by the requestor. An additional $14 will apply to any subsequent requests.

Even though the request for the Certificate of Compliance is generated through electronic means, the process of determining if an entity is in compliance is currently a manual process that may involve input from multiple sections within the Alabama Department of Revenue, so please allow adequate time for this process when making your request. The Department will try to process most requests within 3-5 business days, but there may be instances where additional time is needed to process a request.

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