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ADOR Telephone Numbers [Excludes My Alabama Taxes (MAT)]

Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner 334-242-1175
Business & License Tax
Business & License Tax Assessments 334-242-9600
Field Audit Section 334-242-9630
Motor Fuels Section 334-242-9608
Severance & License Tax Section 334-353-7827
Tobacco Tax Section 334-242-9627
Business Registration Unit
Business Registration Unit 334-242-1584
Collection Services
Collection Services 334-242-1220
Commissioner 334-242-1175
General Information 334-242-1170
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner 334-242-1175
Economic Development
Economic Development (Tax Incentives) 334-242-1175
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Equal Employment Opportunity Office 334-353-5480
Financial Operations
Financial Operations 334-353-4655
Human Resources
Human Resources 334-242-1670
Individual & Corporate Income Tax
Business Privilege Tax 334-353-7923
Corporate Income Tax Questions 334-242-1200
Financial Institution Excise Tax Questions 334-242-1200
Individual Income Tax Assessments 334-353-0775
Individual Income Tax Compliance 334-353-9770
Individual Income Tax Examinations 334-242-1170
Individual Income Tax Questions 334-242-1170
Individual Income Tax Refund Hotline 1-855-894-7391
Individual Income Tax Special Audit 334-242-1500
Pass-Thru Entities (S-Corps, Partnerships, Fiduciary, Estates, Trusts) 334-242-1033
Registration for Business Accounts 334-242-1584
Withholding Tax 334-242-1300
Information Technology
Information Technology 334-242-8500
Internal Audit/Security
Internal Audit & Security 334-242-3480
Investigations 334-242-3012
Legal 334-242-9690
Media Affairs
Media Affairs 334-242-1390
Motor Vehicle
Mandatory Liability Insurance 334-242-3000
Motor Carrier Services (IRP/IFTA) 334-242-2999
Motor Vehicle 334-242-9000
Registration Section 334-242-9006
Title Section (Track Status of Title Application) 334-242-9000
Processing 334-242-1820
Property Tax
Property Tax 334-242-1525
Sales & Use Tax
Registration for Business Accounts 334-242-1584
Sales & Use Tax 334-242-1490 (General Info) or 1-866-576-6531 (Paperless Filing Info)
Tax Policy & Research
Tax Policy & Research (Legislative Analysis) 334-242-1380
Tax Policy Administration
Tax Policy Administration 334-242-1175
Taxpayer Advocacy
Taxpayer Advocacy 334-242-1055
Taxpayer Service Centers
Auburn/Opelika Taxpayer Service Center 334-887-9549
Dothan Taxpayer Service Center 334-793-5803
Field Activities Central Office, Individual & Corporate Tax Division 334-353-0170
Foreign Audit Section, Individual & Corporate Tax Division 334-242-9840
Gadsden Taxpayer Service Center 256-547-0554
Huntsville Taxpayer Service Center 256-837-2319
Jefferson/Shelby County Taxpayer Service Center 205-733-2740
Mobile Taxpayer Service Center 251-344-4737
Montgomery Taxpayer Service Center/Motor Vehicle Division 334-242-2677
Shoals Taxpayer Service Center 256-383-4631
Tuscaloosa Taxpayer Service Center 205-759-2571

My Alabama Taxes (MAT) Telephone Numbers

Telephone Numbers

My Alabama Taxes (MAT) Numbers
Automotive Dismantler and Parts Recycler, Buyer's ID Cards, Business Licenses (State & County) 334-353-7827
Business Privilege Tax Questions 334-353-7923
Corporate Income Tax Questions 334-242-1200
Financial Institution Excise Tax Questions 334-242-1200
Freight Line and Equipment Tax 334-353-9507
Gasoline, Diesel, Aviation Fuels and Lubricating Oils 334-242-9608
Hazardous Waste, Pari-Mutuel Pool, Horse Wagering, Solid Waste, Storage Tank Trust Fund and Scrap Tire 334-242-9612
Individual Income Tax Questions 334-242-1170
Pass-Thru Entities (S-Corps, Partnerships, Fiduciary, Estates and Trusts) 334-242-1033
Registration for Business Accounts 334-242-1584
Sales Tax, Consumer Use, Seller Use, Lodging, 2.2% Utility Gross Taxes 334-242-1490
Severance Taxes (Coal, Forest Products, Natural Minerals and Oil & Gas) 334-353-7827
Taxpayer Identity Protection Program 1-800-535-9410 (Toll-free)
Tobacco Taxes (State & County) and NPM Escrow 334-242-9627
Withholding Tax 334-242-1300