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Access forms, form instructions, and worksheets for each tax division below. The list is currently sorted first by division and then by category. You may search for a specific form by typing in the search bar, or sort the list by clicking on any of the column headers. You may filter by division, category, and year using the dropdown menus at the bottom of the forms table.

All forms will download as a PDF. Please refer to the list of mailing addresses for the appropriate forms. For income tax form orders, please use this contact form.

ADV Budget PersonnelBudget PersonnelProperty TaxMapping/GIS2014
ADV Budget CoursesBudget Personnel CoursesProperty TaxMapping/GIS2010
ADV Budget Revision RequestBudget Revision RequestProperty TaxMapping/GIS2018
ADV-MH-43Monthly Manufactured Home Summary ReportProperty TaxManufactured Homes2009
ADV-MV-PFRPetition for Refund of Taxes on Motor Vehicles Paid by Mistake or ErrorProperty TaxVehicles2014
ADV-MVA1Motor Vehicle Dealer AffidavitProperty TaxVehicles2003
ADV-U-1Statement of Leased or Rented Equipment Not CapitalizedProperty TaxPublic Utilities1999
ADV: U5-10Alabama Public Utility Gross Investment Allocation FormProperty TaxPublic Utilities2003
ADV: U5-14Commercial Airline Return of Property Annual ReportProperty TaxPublic Utilities2016
ADV: U5-15Water Company Annual ReportProperty TaxPublic Utilities2005
ADV: U5-16Railroad Annual Property Tax Data ReportProperty TaxPublic Utilities2005
ADV: U5-18Electric Cooperative Annual ReportProperty TaxPublic Utilities2005
ADV-U6-1Direct Petition For RefundProperty TaxPublic Utilities2013
ADV-U6-2Joint Petition For RefundProperty TaxPublic Utilities2013
ADV-40 Fillable
Tangible Personal Property ReturnProperty TaxPersonal Property2021
ADV-40STangible Personal Property Return – Short FormProperty TaxPersonal Property2015
ADV: LD-3Affidavit of Loss of Original Tax Sale Certificate/Tax DeedProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2016
ADV: LD-8Application for Redemption of Lands Sold for TaxesProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2000
ADV: LD-9Request for Cancellation, for County Use OnlyProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2009
ADV: LD-10Certificate of Redemption, for County Use OnlyProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2009
ADV: LD-13Certificate of Land Sold and Bought By The StateProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2019
ADV: LD-33Tax Deed Issued by County, for County Use OnlyProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2004
ADV-LD-PFRPetition For Refund of Taxes Paid by Mistake or ErrorProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2014
ADV-LD-PRCertificate of Pending RedemptionProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2017
Form RT-1Real Estate Sales Validation FormProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2017
PT-PA-1Physician’s Affidavit of Permanent & Total DisabilityProperty TaxReal Property2017
BOE MinutesBoard of Equalization MinutesProperty TaxBoard of Equalization2017
ADV-BE-13Board of Equalization Letter to Taxpayer, Giving Date & Time of HearingProperty TaxBoard of Equalization2006
ADV: BE14Board of Equalization Market Value HearingProperty TaxBoard of Equalization2020
ADV: BE14MVBoard of Equalization Motor Vehicle Market Value HearingProperty TaxBoard of Equalization2020
ADV: BE-47Board of Equalization Property Earning Capacity Statement for Real PropertyProperty TaxBoard of Equalization2008
CU AppApplication for Current Use Appraisal for Class III PropertyProperty TaxReal Property2017
ADV:CPCertificate of Purchase for Land Sold By Tax Lien Auction or SaleProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2018
ADV-CRCertificate of RedemptionProperty TaxDelinquent Property/Land Sales2018
ADV-44Homeowners and Storm Victims Protection Act of 2011 – Application for Reclassification Single-Family Dwelling and Underlying LotProperty TaxReal Property2020
ADV-40 (Print Only)Tangible Personal Property ReturnProperty TaxPersonal Property2021