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Check A1/A6 File for Errors

Bulk Filers can check A1/A6 files for errors before uploading to My Alabama Taxes by using the utility program below. The Excel utility will check the file for errors based on the specifications provided by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Download A1/A6 Error Check Program

The A1/A6 file must be comma delimited and include all fields in the order specified in the file layout. Although all fields are required to be included in the file, only certain fields require data. All money fields must include dollars and cents with decimals. Only .txt or .csv file extensions are allowed. Compressed (.zip) files are allowed as long as they contain only one .txt or .csv file.

  1. Click on the AL_A1A6REPORT_CHECK.xls link to open the program.
  2. Click the Check File for Errors button.

  4. A browser will appear to select your file to check.
  5. Select the A1/A6 file to check.
  6. The AL_A1A6REPORT_CHECK utility will read each account for errors and show the Results/Errors for each account.