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View the list of proposed rule changes, including the date, time and location of the Public Hearing, and rules pending final adoption here.

NumberTitleDivisionTax TypeStatusDate
NumberTitleDivisionTax TypeStatusDate
810-5-75-.09Title Procedure – Transfer of Title For A Vehicle From A Deceased OwnerMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/14/2010
810-5-75-.14Involuntary Transfer by Operation of LawMotor VehicleTitlesAdopted02/14/2020
810-5-75-.15Application for Replacement Alabama Certificate of TitleMotor VehicleTitlesAmended02/14/2020
810-5-75-.17Repossessed Motor Vehicle Or Manufactured HomeMotor VehicleTitlesAmended01/13/2020
810-5-75-.21Title Procedure – Title Procedure – Lien or Security Interest Releases and Continuous Perfection of Lien or Security Interests.Motor VehicleTitlesRepealed08/30/2013
810-5-75-.24Title Procedure – First & Second Lien(s) to be Recorded (Security Interest Created by Owner). Title Procedure – Assignment and Transfer of Lien by Lienholder. Reference: Sections 32-8-60 through 32-8-67, Code of Alabama 1975, as amendedMotor VehicleTitlesAmended09/03/2012
810-5-75-.27Title Procedure – First Title For Vehicles Reconstructed With Glider Kit.Motor VehicleTitlesAmended11/27/2012
810-5-75-.30Title Procedure – First Title for a Rebuilt VehicleMotor VehicleTitlesAmended02/15/2011
810-5-75-.31Title Procedure – Transfer Of Title For Vehicle Under The Abandoned Motor Vehicle Act – Bill of Sale (Form MVT 32-13B)Motor VehicleTitlesRepealed01/18/2018
810-5-75-.31.02Abandoned Motor Vehicle Record RequestMotor VehicleTitlesAmended10/01/2014
810-5-75-.34Title Procedure – Title Obtained Under Surety BondMotor VehicleTitlesAmended12/04/2014
810-5-75-.39Corrections To Title DocumentsMotor VehicleTitlesAmended02/14/2020
810-5-75-.40Requirements for Names and Signatures on Title Application and Title AssignmentsMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/20/2016
810-5-75-.42DEALER RECORDSMotor VehicleTitlesAmended08/30/2013
810-5-75-.48Title Procedures – Defining “Junk”, “Parts Only” and “Scrap” Vehicles and Requiring NoticeMotor VehicleTitlesAmended11/27/2012
810-5-75-.49Certificate of Title Required – New Title Issued when Information on a Certificate of Title is Changed or when Correction in RequiredMotor VehicleTitlesRepealed04/13/2020
810-5-75-.50Certificate of Title Required – Continuance of Recorded LegendsMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.51Returned Title Request Form (Form MVT 5-27))Motor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.52Designated Agent AppointmentsMotor VehicleTitlesAmended01/13/2020
810-5-75-.53Application for Certificate of Title Leased VehiclesMotor VehicleTitlesAmended04/13/2020
810-5-75-.54Application for Certificate of Title – Corrections on an Application for Certificate of Title by the DepartmentMotor VehicleTitlesRepealed01/13/2020
810-5-75-.55Application for Certificate of Title – Certification of Physical Inspection of a Motor Vehicle on Application for Certificate of TitleMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.56Issuance and Records – Abbreviations Used in Data EntryMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.57Application for Salvage Certificate of Title – Application for Certificate of Title for a Stolen Unrecovered VehicleMotor VehicleTitlesAmended12/23/2011
810-5-75-.58Security Interest – Motor HomesMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.59Powers of the Department – Application for Alabama Vehicle Identification Number and Supporting DocumentsMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.60Revocation and Denial of Authority to Act as Designated AgentMotor VehicleTitlesAmended04/13/2020
810-5-75-.61Schedule of Fees and Commissions – Remittance of FeesMotor VehicleTitlesAmended02/15/2011
810-5-75-.62Salvage – Determining Fair Retail Values for Total Loss VehiclesMotor VehicleTitlesAmended05/26/2010
810-5-75-.63Powers of Attorney – Guidelines for UseMotor VehicleTitlesAmended08/03/2012
810-5-75-.64Unclaimed/Abandoned VehiclesMotor VehicleTitlesAmended01/13/2018
810-5-75-.65Appointment, Revocation, and Denial of Authority to Act as a Manufactured Home Designated Agent of the DepartmentMotor VehicleTitlesAdopted10/01/2010
810-5-75-.67Title Procedure – Manufactured Home Exemption from Titling and CancellationMotor VehicleTitlesRepealed04/13/2020
810-5-75-.68Title Procedure – Exemptions from TitlingMotor VehicleTitlesAmended08/30/2013
810-5-1-.204Placement of Motor Vehicle License Tags on Certain Motor VehiclesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended10/10/2014
810-5-1-.205Commitment to Purchase Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAdopted03/04/2017
810-5-1-.206Armed Forces Reserve Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationRepealed04/09/2018
810-5-1-.207Motor Vehicle WreckersMotor VehicleRegistrationAdopted05/02/2012
810-5-1-.208National Guard Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationRepealed03/23/2018
810-5-1-.209Helping Schools Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended05/14/2010
810-5-1-.211Motor Vehicle Registration Delinquency Penalty an Interest ChargesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended02/27/2015
810-5-1-.212Undercover License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended08/11/2016
810-5-1-.215Vintage Vehicle License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended06/13/2016
810-5-1-.216Redesign and Reissue of Stillman College Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAdopted07/10/2015
810-5-1-.217License Plate Design SpecificationsMotor VehicleRegistrationAdopted10/12/2012
810-5-1-.218Disabled Veteran Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationRepealed03/23/2018
810-5-1-.225Disability Access Parking PrivilegesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended06/10/2019
810-5-1-.226Department Requirements for Accurate Registration InformationMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended06/13/2016
810-5-1-.227The Issuance of Temporary License Tags and Registration Certificates by Designated Agents (Other than License Plate Issuing Officials)Motor VehicleRegistrationRepealed01/18/2018
810-5-1-.228Temporary Tags and RegistrationMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended01/01/2018
810-5-1-.229Replacement License Plates and DecalsMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended11/30/2010
810-5-1-.230The Sale of License Plates for Truck Tractors Limited to Travel within 15 Miles of its Domiciled Corporate LimitsMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended11/27/2012
810-5-1-.232United States Armed Forces Retired Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended11/26/2010
810-5-1-.233Proof of Payment of Federal Heavy Vehicle Use TaxMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended04/11/2014
810-5-1-.234Personalized License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended02/14/2020
810-5-1-.236God Bless America Distinctive License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended11/30/2010
810-5-1-.238Registration of Motor Vehicles Not Subject to TitlingMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended02/10/2016
810-5-1-.240Permanent Trailer License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended10/10/2014
810-5-1-.241Collegiate and Collegiate Personalized License Plates for Two-Year Colleges and UniversitiesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended11/20/2016
810-5-1-.244Proration of Motor Vehicle Registration FeesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended01/10/2012
810-5-1-.245Non-Residents Operating Non-Commercial Vehicles into Alabama and Non-Residents Relocating to AlabamaMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended10/01/2010
810-5-1-.246Bill Of Sale, Invoice Or Other Sales Document – Minimum RequirementsMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended08/11/2016
810-5-1-.247Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) InspectionsMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended08/30/2013
810-5-1-.442Farm and Forest Products License PlatesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended02/10/2016
810-5-1-.468Refunds of Motor Vehicle Registration FeesMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended02/27/2015
810-5-1-.485Implementation of the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)Motor VehicleRegistrationAmended02/10/2011
810-5-1-.400Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM) Program Adopted in AlabamaMotor VehicleIRPAmended06/13/2016
810-5-1-.438International Registration PlanMotor VehicleIRPAmended08/29/2016
810-5-1-.440Department of Revenue to Issue Apportioned License PlatesMotor VehicleIRPAmended08/29/2016
810-5-1-.441Application for Apportioned RegistrationMotor VehicleIRPAmended08/29/2016
810-5-1-.451Prerequisites to Issuance of Apportioned License Plates or Cab CardsMotor VehicleIRPAmended06/04/2010
810-5-1-.454Temporary Evidence of Apportioned Registration (TEAR)Motor VehicleIRPAmended08/29/2016
810-5-1-.469Suspension, Cancellation and/or Revocation of Apportioned License Plates and Cab CardsMotor VehicleIRPAmended08/29/2016
810-5-1-.470IRP and IFTA Trip PermitsMotor VehicleIRPAmended03/12/2016
810-5-1-.471Alabama Registration Reciprocity AgreementsMotor VehicleIRPAmended08/29/2016
810-5-9-.01International Fuel Tax Agreement- View International Fuel Tax AgreementMotor VehicleIFTAAmended08/29/2016
810-5-9-.03IFTA License ApplicationMotor VehicleIFTAAmended08/29/2016
810-5-9-.09IFTA DecalsMotor VehicleIFTAAmended08/29/2016
810-5-9-.10IFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax ReturnsMotor VehicleIFTAAmended02/27/2015
810-5-9-.13Cancellation, Suspension, or Revocation of an IFTA AccountMotor VehicleIFTAAmended02/27/2015
810-5-8-.01Issuance of Certificate of Motor Vehicle Liability Bond, Certificate of Cash Bond, and Satisfaction of JudgmentsMotor VehicleMLIAmended04/13/2020
810-5-8-.02Issuance of Certificate of Cash Bond and Satisfaction of JudgementsMotor VehicleMLIAmended04/13/2020
810-5-8-.04Registration Denial – Mandatory Liability Insurance LawMotor VehicleMLIRepealed02/14/2020
810-5-8-.05Evidence of Insurance RequirementsMotor VehicleMLIRepealed02/14/2020
810-5-8-.06Mandatory Liability Insurance Registration Suspension, Reinstatement, and Revocation ProceduresMotor VehicleMLIAdopted02/14/2020
810-5-8-.07Vehicles Exempt from the Mandatory Liability Insurance LawMotor VehicleMLIAmended04/13/2020
810-5-8-.08Refunds of Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) Reinstatement FeesMotor VehicleMLIRepealed02/14/2020
810-5-8-.09Identification Documentation Required for Registration.Motor VehicleMLIAmended03/23/2018
810-5-8-.10Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) Questionnaire and Notice of SuspensionMotor VehicleMLIRepealed02/14/2020
810-5-12-.01Application for New and Used Motor Vehicle Dealer, Motor Vehicle Wholesaler, Motor Vehicle Reconditioner, and Motor Vehicle Rebuilder Licenses and Renewals – Application for Off-site Sales EventMotor VehicleRegulatory LicensingAmended01/04/2016
810-5-12-.02Motor Vehicle Surety Bond FormMotor VehicleRegulatory LicensingAmended12/04/2017
810-5-12-.03Motor Vehicle Bond ClaimMotor VehicleRegulatory LicensingAmended12/04/2017
810-5-12-.04Investigation Procedures for Open Assignment of TitleMotor VehicleRegulatory LicensingAdopted10/12/2012
810-5-12-.05Evidence of Liability Insurance for Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers, Motor Vehicle Reconditioners, Motor Vehicle Rebuilders, and Motor Vehicle WholesalersMotor VehicleRegulatory LicensingAmended01/09/2015
810-5-1-.219Design, Placement and Proper Use of Monthly and Annual DecalsMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended12/04/2017
810-5-1-.223Off-the-Road Equipment – Definitions and ExemptionsMotor VehicleRegistration02/11/2010
810-5-1-.239Registration of Vehicles Used Exclusively to Transport Raw CottonMotor VehicleRegistration01/05/2007
810-5-1-.243Registering Trucks with Gross Weights up to 12,000 PoundsMotor VehicleRegistration03/05/2007
810-5-1-.403International Registration Plan, Inc. DuesMotor VehicleIRP03/05/2007
810-5-1-.459Department of Revenue Permitted to Make Reasonable Inquiries and Demand Reasonable Proof When Registering Vehicles Under the International Registration PlanMotor VehicleIRP01/01/1970
810-5-1-.473Distribution of Monies Received form Registrants under the International Registration PlanMotor VehicleIRP07/07/2006
810-5-1-.476.01Enforcement as to Alabama Apportioned Vehicles, License Plates, and Cab CardsMotor VehicleIRP07/07/2006
810-5-1-.479Proof of Residency Requirements for Applicants for Registration Under the International Registration PlanMotor VehicleIRP08/04/2006
810-5-1-.484Licensing, Registration, Expirations, Etc.Motor VehicleRegistration01/12/2010
810-5-75-.03Issuance of a Certificate of Title for an Imported VehicleMotor VehicleTitlesAmended04/13/2020
810-5-75-.28Title Procedure – First Title For Assembled VehiclesMotor VehicleTitles11/17/2000
810-5-75-.29Title Procedure – First Title For Vehicle Obtained From The United States Government.Motor VehicleTitlesAmended02/14/2020
810-5-75-.36Responsibilities of Designated AgentsMotor VehicleTitlesAmended01/13/2020
810-5-75-.38RE-ASSIGNMENT SUPPLEMENT FORM MVT 8-3Motor VehicleTitles09/18/1992
810-5-75-.46Assignment of Certificate of TitleMotor VehicleTitles09/25/1990
810-5-75-.47Title Procedure – Identification of Motor Vehicles Returned to the Manufacturer because of Non-Conformity to WarrantyMotor VehicleTitles12/10/1997
810-5-75-.66Title Procedure – Cancellation of Manufactured Home Certificate of Origin or Certificate of TitleMotor VehicleTitles08/01/2012
810-5-8-.03Use Of Motor Numbers On Insurance Cards And Other Proof Of Liability Insurance In Lieu Of Vehicle Identification NumbersMotor VehicleMLIRepealed02/14/2020
810-5-1-.201Partial or Full Exemption from Privilege or License Tax and Registration FeeMotor VehicleRegistrationAmended05/24/2018
810-5-12-.06Buyer’s Identification Cards for Automotive Dismantlers and Parts RecyclersMotor VehicleRegulatory LicensingAdopted12/04/2017
810-5-75-.52.01Title Service ProviderMotor VehicleTitlesAdopted01/13/2020