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Pursuant to Section 41-1-20, Code of Alabama 1975, payments of $750 or greater are required to be made electronically through EFT.

See the Payment Options page for complete information on payment of Individual and Corporate Taxes.

Payments via Debit

Debit payments must be made through My Alabama Taxes. To sign up for My Alabama Taxes (MAT), you will need your tax account number, sign-on ID, and Access Code.

NOTEA sign-on ID and Access Code are not needed to pay Individual Income Taxes.

Pay through My Alabama Taxes

If you to need to change from ACH Credit to ACH Debit method payment, please call the Alabama Department of Revenue EFT Section at: 1-877-256-2447 or 334-353-7659.

Payments via Credit

You must be pre-approved by the Alabama Department of Revenue to make ACH Credit Method Payments.  To register with the ADOR, complete and submit the Authorization Agreement for ACH Credit Payment Method form.

Taxpayers granted the authority to use the ACH Credit payment method are responsible for coordinating with their financial institutions to ensure that ACH Credit payments are timely and properly initiated. To be considered timely paid pursuant to Section 41-1-20, Code of Alabama 1975, effective October 1, 2006, the payment must be immediately available to the State on or before the first banking day following the due date of payment.  To be properly made, the ACH Credit must include the tax payment (TXP) banking convention within the addendum record of a NACHA CCD+ transaction as provided in the ACH Credit Method TXP Banking Convention Addenda Record Format. The TXP conventions must be followed exactly for proper posting of payment. Other addenda banking conventions should not be used.

Download the EFT Program Guide

If you have any questions, please contact us.