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General Information For Making E-Payments For Business Taxes and Corporate Income Taxes

The return and remittance are due on or before the due date of the month following the month during which tax is accrued. NOTE: EFT payment information must be transmitted by 4:00 p.m. CST (Central Standard Time) on or before the due date, to be considered timely paid.

Returns filed after the due date are subject to a “failure to timely file” penalty equal to the greater of 10% of the tax required to be paid on the return or $50.00. Tax payments received after the due date are subject to a “failure to timely pay” penalty equal to 10% of the delinquent tax. If the tax is not timely paid, interest is also due at the same rate established by the Secretary of the Treasury under authority of 26 USC 6621.

Debit Block Codes

A debit block is when you have notified your bank or financial institution to reject all debit requests against your account unless you have provided a specific vendor “debit block code.” If you use debit block on your bank account you can still make payments through My Alabama Taxes (MAT). Use the link below to locate the web code for the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Please provide this ID to your financial institution so payments made through MyAlabamaTaxes will be accepted through your debit block.

  • Individual Income Tax – ADORWEB000
  • All Other Payments (Business) – ADORCCD000
  • ONE SPOT Local Tax Payments – 2621862182
  • Motor Fuel Single Point Payments – 2621862182

Additional Return Payments

Tip: You can store your banking information with your profile for future use. Learn more

Note: If the payment is for an amended return or for a previously filed return, the amount due may not reflect prior payments or allowable discounts. Please review the amount due that is shown on the amended tax return or the previously filed return. You may need to adjust the payment amount shown.

You cannot utilize the ‘Pay’ only option for a Non-State Administered City or County. Payments for non-state administered cities and counties can only be made in conjunction with a return filing.

Reminder: Payments must be made by 4:00 PM (CST) on the due date to avoid penalty and interest.

  1. Login to My Alabama Taxes (MAT)
  2. Click the Tax Account ID
  3. Click the Pay link on the All Periods tab for the period that you need to make an additional payment.
  4. Complete the required payment and banking information.
  5. Click Submit

Bill / Invoice Payments

Certain Collection level billings CAN NOT be remitted through the payment system. Contact the Collection Services Division directly at (334) 242-1220 for payment options.

  1. Go to My Alabama Taxes (MAT)
  2. Click the ‘Pay a Bill I’ve Received’ link on the left side of the web page
  3. Select the Account Type
  4. Enter Account Number and Letter ID
  5. Click Validate
  6. Complete the required payment and banking information
  7. Click Submit