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What are the benefits of ETAPS?

  • ETAPS will reduce the time required to issue titles.
  • ETAPS will also reduce the number of errors on title applications and reduce the number of title applications that are rejected to designated agents. This will occur because edits in the system will alert users of potential errors on a title application before the application is printed and submitted.
  • ETAPS will allow users to track the status of title applications throughout the application process until the title is actually issued.

 When will ETAPS start?

Pilot testing of the system started on December 4, 2006, and a phased-in rollout began March 2007. The phased-in rollout will occur by geographic regions throughout the state. Designated agents will be notified by the department when they are scheduled to be phased in as ETAPS users. Effective September 1, 2008, all Designated Agents must process title applications through ETAPS. All designated agents will be required to attend a training class conducted by the department before they can process title applications through ETAPS. Training classes will take place in Montgomery at the Gordon Persons Building. Additional classes are being scheduled by the automobile and financial industries in Alabama. Additional information concerning these classes will posted to this website as information becomes available.

Will ETAPS interface with my existing dealer management system?

The ADOR has established standardized interface specifications to allow companies that provide dealer management systems to pass information from the dealer management system to ETAPS. View dealer standardized interface specifications.

Will ETAPS interface with my existing county system that we utilize to issue license plates and collect fees and taxes?

The ADOR has established standardized interface specifications to allow counties to take information from ETAPS and import it into their existing county system. View county standardized interface specifications.