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Apply to Become a Designated Agent

  1. Designated Agent Qualification Requirements:
    • Licensed Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealers must have a current Act 539 Regulatory License.
    • Licensed financial institutions – Submit a copy of their Title 5, Chapter 19, State Banking License or equivalent.
    • Pawnshops – Submit copy of Alabama Pawnshop License.
    • Out of state financial institutions (manufactured homes only) – Submit copy of company’s State business or regulatory license.
    • Law Firms (manufactured homes only) – Submit copy of document evidencing that a principal of the firm is admitted to the State Bar.
    • Title Agents (manufactured homes only) – Submit copy of certificate of authority issued by the Alabama Department of Insurance.
  2. Access applications to become a designated agent. Please note: the dealer regulatory license bond satisfies the designated agent bonding requirement. Non-dealers are required to post a surety bond in the amount of $25,000, payable to the State of Alabama.
  3. When a completed package is received by the Department, the designated agent account will be set up in ALTS and a designated agent certificate will be sent to the applicant. Note: the legal name of the business must be provided on the application and bond form.
  4. All designated agents are required to attend a training class conducted by the department before their ALTS account is activated and they are allowed to process title applications through ALTS. The class is divided into two sessions designed to last six (6) hours. Designated agents are required to attend both sessions to become certified for ALTS. The Alabama Uniform Certificate of Title and Anti-theft Act and general titling procedures are addressed in the morning session and ALTS user training is addressed in the afternoon session. Upon request, training for manufactured home cancellations and insurance settlements for stolen unrecovered vehicles will be available after the ALTS user training. Download the Designated Agent Title Seminar & ALTS Training Manual Please bring the following information to the training session:
    • Designated agent number (Provided on the Designated Agent Certificate)
    • Designated Agent Title Seminar & ALTS Training Manual
    • Sales/Rental Tax Number
    • Financial institution account number
    • Financial institution routing number
    • Financial institution account type (checking/savings)
    • Account classification (commercial/consumer)

    There is no charge for the class. Also, the class is not limited to new designated agents; any designated agent desiring additional training may attend the class. View class locations and dates. Note: dealers must have obtained their designated agent number prior to attending class. Designated agent applications will not be processed the day of a class.

  5. The ALTS administrative account for the dealer will be activated within 3 to 5 business days upon successful completion of the training session.
  6. Upon activation, the administrator can create additional users for the dealer and submit title applications.