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Disability Access Parking Placards

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  • Code Section: 32-6-230 & 32-6-231
  • Administrative Rule: 810-5-1-.225
  • Primary Tag Type(s): PI (Temporary)/PB (Permanent)
  • Secondary Tag Type(s): N/A
  • Series Began: January 2019 (Temporary)/January 2017 (Permanent)

All residents of Alabama who have a qualifying disability may obtain the placards.

  • Temporary placards are valid for a period not to exceed six (6) months.
  • Permanent placards are valid for a period not to exceed five (5) years.

The applicant for a disability access parking placard must present the Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges (MVR 32-6-230) to the license plate issuing official.

Placards are not vehicle specific. The individual with the qualifying disability may be issued two (2) placards; provided, if the individual is issued a disability access license plate, only one placard shall be issued.

There are no fees associated with placards.

The placards are not transferable between disabled individuals.

Placards are designed to hang from the rearview mirror so that they may easily be inspected by law enforcement, when necessary. If a vehicle does not have a rearview mirror, the placard must be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle so that it visible and can easily be inspected by law enforcement, when necessary.

Temporary placards are redesigned every ten (10) years. Permanent placards are redesigned every five (5) years.

Federal law specifies the design of the disability access plates and placards, who qualifies, limits the number of placards an individual may be issued, etc. Learn more about the Uniform System for Parking for Persons with Disabilities (23-CFR-1235).

Act 2018-474 authorizes a certified nurse practitioner and a certified nurse midwife, in addition to a licensed physician, to provide certification for disability access parking privileges.