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Disability Access Parking Credentials

***New POD Decal and Permanent Placard – January 2022***


Applicants for disability access parking credentials must present the Application for Disability Access Parking Credentials (MVR 32-6-230) to the license plate issuing official.

  • Persons with temporary disabilities may be issued a temporary placard valid for a period not to exceed six (6) months.
  • Persons with permanent disabilities who are owners of private passenger automobiles to include pickup trucks and recreational vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 12,000 pounds or less may be issued one (1) blue disability access decal (per vehicle) to be adhered to the top left corner of the license plate and one (1) windshield placard (per person), or Two (2) windshield placards.
  • Organizations that transport individuals with a disability are only eligible to apply for a disability access license plate decal.

An individual with qualified disabilities must obtain certification from a licensed physician, certified registered nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife prior to the initial issuance of disability access credentials. An individual with permanent disabilities may self-certify their qualifying disability if they are renewing their disability access credentials.

Placards are not vehicle specific.

Please see the Registration File Information for other pertinent information.

Federal law specifies the design of the disability access plates and placards, who qualifies, limits the number of placards an individual may be issued, etc. Learn more about the Uniform System for Parking for Persons with Disabilities (23-CFR-1235).